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Yeah, I fell for this piece of *** too. I should have known what was to come from a company who has no phone number or physical address.

If you want to return one of these pieces of said ***, go to their site and click on the Return box icon. Type in the info, but NOT your credit card number, and then why you're returning it and press Submit. The page will come up with a printable Return Information page with their PO box (STILL no physical address, but now I understand why not).

I suggest getting insurance, certified and/or delivery conformation before returning it. Also call your credit card company and tell them not to honor any billing from these morons. If it's been over a month since you bought it, see if your credit card company would be interested in taking back the charge and deny these idiots the funds. Citing fraud should help you along with that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Magicjack Phone Service.

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Willmar, Minnesota, United States #588098

*** *** ***, problems problems problems....

What was the issue you HAD with it? Probably relates to either a dino computer, poor internet connection, or their really poor customer support.

Their actual service/device seems to work well for me.... but then again I am a PC Tech and understand the requirements for it to work.


i call witha preblem they never answer

Pemaquid, Maine, United States #21337
This thing sucks! Very choppy calls all the time!

And the customer service SUCKS!
No address, no phone number...

I want my money back... and I want the number transferred~!
Kearny, Arizona, United States #17741

This is my follow up I made a few weeks ago well it turns out MagicJack didnt give me back my money but my credit card did. they never released the hold.

They advertise they even reimburse you for returning the product. Another false statement.

Took me over 15 days to get my money back Good Riddance MagicJack. I'd also recommend you send back the product Certified/Delivery Confirmation and keep that RMA number in a safe place if case you ever have to dispute with your CC.

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