Have magicjack account and renewed it!!My magicjack #508299-3872 I don't want another Magicjack, but just adding another 5 years of service!

I Don't want to end up with two numbers!! In other words I should have ten years on same phone number !! Can you help me out with this Don't send another jack just add the 5 more years to my account !Please let me know by email !! Home Address to follow: Bruce C Avant 12 state street bld.11 apt.

11 C East Wareham, Ma.02538 Magicjack phone # 508299-3872 ....Thank you ...Bruce C Avant

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I want to renew my service, however my email address has changed.sooooooooo it want let me log in :) my email address:njk1967@sc.rr.com


PS; I have 4 MJ units... 2 original versions & 2 new versions that do not need a pc...


have been using MJ for over 8 years and have only had 1 unhappy incident.trouble porting my number to MJ, so i just kept the MJ number assigned to the unit.

No other issues...some people are just not computer savvy enough to know certain system requirements to ensure a properly working MJ...


the volume of my phone is so low I can't hear it ring unless I am real close to the phone.

The phone is new and the volume is good at another connection.

Also the listening volume is low.

My email is mhorner5@att.net


paid for fast delivery

received it a month 1/2 later

now they wont renew my numbers because I ask mastercard for my money back 3 weeks after not receiving it.A year later they cut me off.

I tried to make payments .they refuse my money.


i need to renew my magic jack and u guys keep say my email not valid please do something :( plantas51@yahoo.com



want to renew my magic jack and I dont need a new unit and want to renew it for 2 YRS. WITH SAME ACCOUNT AND VISA NUMBER.



renew my magicjack for 5 years please 347-827-3500


My name is: Anwar Omar.I bought 5 Magic Jacks for my family members.

I have succeeded to renew 2 of them. I need to renew for 5 years each of the other 3. I have no numbers.

Can you help.My e-mail is: anwaromar66@hotmail.com



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