MagickJack Plus stopped working. After thirty minutes with customer service, I was told a power outage caused failure. They would replace for 11.80 shipping. I wanted to cancel three year contact. I was referred to terms and agreement (which everyone reads in full upon purchase, right?).

I am boycotting any store that sells this product if at all possible. Customer service is awful. Their product hardly works. They screw the consumer to make easy money. There must be some way to get red of them and replace with a consumer oriented company.


Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Paul'

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK11153024558703X

Paul: Hello, how may I help you?

Paul: We use Tech Chat to better assist you. By using Tech Chat, we can send you instant upgrade links and run several diagnostic tests, that cannot be done over the telephone. We are also able to see where you are located, what OS and Internet browser you are using. Lastly we can see that your Internet connection is working too.This will provide the best Customer care experience and keep you most satisfied.

Paul: Hello, how may I help you?

James: My magic Jack plus no longer works. When I plug it into the outlet, there are no lights or anything.

Paul: Have you tried to plug it directly to the usb port of the computer?

Paul: To check if the solid blue light exist and it works fine on the computer but not on the router

James: It is not receiving power at all.

Paul: Then,we can able to figure our the problem

Paul: Do you have another extra ac adapter James like your camera or iphone charger?

James: no

Paul: Please plug the device directly to the usb port of the computer you used to chat with me,, for the meantime, let us configure and troubleshoot your device

James: ok

James: done

Paul: thank you

Paul: Do you see a solid blue light on the magicjack device?

James: yes

Paul: Is there a dial pad on your screen?

James: no

Paul: Please click the link to download and run the magicJack upgrade:

Paul: http://upgrades.magicjack.com/upgrade/magicJackSetup.exe

Paul: Please run the link above

Paul: Let me know once the mj dial pad is up

Paul: thank you

James: it says insert your magic jack to make calls. it is plugged in

Paul: Are you using a usb extension cord?

James: no

Paul: >>> Please click Start(Windows Logo) and in the Start Search type DEVICE MANAGER and press enter.

James: k

Paul: On the device manager, please click on the + sign for DVD/CD ROM Drives. You should see YMAX MagicJack USB Device or TigerJet CD-Rom USB Device there.

James: it is there

Paul: Please double-click YMAX MagicJack USB Device or TigerJet HardDisk USB Device >> Then go to Details tab.

James: ok

Paul: In the drop-down list., please choose Device Instance Id or Device Instance Path .

James: done

Paul: can you see something like USBSTORDISK&VEN_ TIGERJET&PROD_ HARDDISK&REV_ V2.07&1335DE08&0&A9210503028182&0?

James: yes

Paul: Please click on that value to highlight it, then copy the information by pressing the CTRL and C keys on your keyboard together. Then right click on this chat and select Paste.

James: but it's REV_3.00


Paul: thank you

Paul: I am transferring you to one of our top 10% agents as rated by our customers. Please hold while I transfer you.

Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.

You are now chatting with 'Jose'

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK11153024558703X

Jose: Hello . Welcome to the Highest Level of Support. Please hold for a moment. Let me read your chat with the previous operator so that I can assist you right away, okay?

James: ok

Jose: One moment please...

Jose: Thank you for waiting James. It appears that your magicjack device was damaged inside. I can issue you a magicJack plus replacement device.. The Replacement magicJack will be free.. However, there will be $11.80 ($15.04 for Canadian Shipping) non-refundable charge (includes Shipping and Handling charge plus Tax). Original Device replacement has cost $40 + shipping and handling fees. You will only have to pay for total of $11.80. No need to return the magicJack device to us. Replacement device can be expected within 2-5 business days (US Shipping). Please inform me if we agree before we can issue you a replacement device.

James: I would rather cancel my subscription, then.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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Bartlesville, Oklahoma, United States #1339344

my son is going to come over to help me and hopefully you will reply before he comes over so he knows what to do. I had an internet outage that was intermittent.

Now my magic jack is static. caller id comes through but you can verily hear that someone is on the line due to all the static.


Had nearly exact same experience except they are charging $24.95USD + $6.00USD shipping for a non warranty replacement Magicjack Plus device (in Canada). My MJ+ AC-to-USB power adaptor died.

I bought another (non MJ) power supply and plugged in the MJ+ device to it and all (blue/white, yellow, green) lights on it worked so it appears as if it isn't damaged and has internet connectivity, yet doesn't seem to be able to connect to MJ's servers anymore.

Seems odd they can't provide a software/firmware fix to repair whatever values in the device got altered. It lasted about 3yrs.

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