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Magicjack in Venice, California - They would not give a number for a live person to talk to the phone does not work!!

MagicJack phone service is a joke they give u a number have your phone with a dial tone but when u try to call out u get no sound. When u call from your cell or another phone it goes straight to voice.The only way u can speak to someone is thru the internet. When u ask them for a number they tell u they are only the technical department and refuse to give u a number. When u tell them they are working at home they try to deny it. LOUSY LOUSY COMPANY Beware!! Started talking to these people since 10/9/08 Jocel/Imarie
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Magicjack Internet Service

Magicjack in Washington, District Of Columbia - Magic Jack Customer Service Sucks

I purchased the Magic Jack online 3 weeks ago, or so I thought I had purchased the product. I entered all my information to include my visa number. I waited patiently, but I have yet to recieve the product. I went online attempting to reach customer service, the website keeps sending me back to the original screen when I press on live support. I am so frustrated with their website and lack of customer support, that I'll never use their product. I'm going to give lingo a shot, I can plug it into an internet outlet, call anywhere in the world and I don't have to purchase internet minutes to do it.
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I am A Magic Jack-*** for ordering this piece of ***.........


Icannot access my majic jack. It require me to enter my phone number or primary emai address.

However I trid all of my email addresses and there is no reset information. Do anyone know how to reach Majic Jack to change the password with your number and address.


I did actually one each for my family who are travelling overseas so we can be connected everywhere in the world for free. that's how magicjack works!!

real magic!!! :)



I am one of the magicJack users who feel happy with the product

it worth it.


I was going to buy because a friend of mine was bragging how much money he's saving from buying it.He recently called me on vonage telling me his magic jack broke and no one will replace it.If its too good to be true then it most likely is.



11am-8pm est.

good luck.




Nothing but a horror !! Trying to deal with support has been horrible.

Don't believe it when they say that they will not charge your card right away, they do. The 30 day free trial is anything but that. Don't reply to the confirmation email either because they disable it for incoming mail.

And, don't try to speak to the online chat as you will NEVER get a straight answer. They just run you in circles.


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Magicjack Internet Service
This is a "Scam" it doesn't work and the tech support is no help! Tech Support actually encouraged me to return the product since they couldn't get the phone to work. They send you "no instructions, nor an invoice". You have to go online to...
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I love these people complaining and wanting their money back. They have a 30 day money back guarantee and they offered to take it back.

It's less then one months land line service for what ever you get out of it. How do you get static on a VOIP line unless you are on drugs>?

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Magicjack Internet Service

Magicjack in Raleigh, North Carolina - Magic Jack is unreliable as a primary phone service

Magic Jack works sometimes and it doesn't work sometimes. It is more of a novelty or toy than a real phone like Bell South, Time Warner digital, Vonage, Vorizen, and the likes. It is one restart after another, Upgrade this, restart that. Unplug, replug, no answer, garbled, can't hear other end, can't get messages. Do not be tricked by their reviews. The service is cheap and you do get what you pay for; cheap, unreliable, undependable, nonfunctioning, poor, no reception, frustrating. This service is a pack of lies which will soon fade away. It doen't work when you need it. If there were an emergency or 911 instance, death would occur because while you're restarting, texting a rep in India, and upgrading, your house would burn down or you would bleed out. This thing really is a LEMON.
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With every new company there will be bumps in the road. This is a great invention that will save millions of dollars to those who are still over paying for local phone service that is provided by the same phone companies that have been robbing us for years.

Be patient folks. All of the bugs will be worked out and it will be the consumer who will be laughing all the way to the bank.


Here's the phone number for Magic Jack given by credit card company

561-594-2140. On this recording given Customer service Phone Number

p- 281-404-1551 for a live person.

I was given the order number since there wasn't an invoice included ith the magic jack and RMA number that states the representative put in a request the product is being returned. I was told to mail it back with certified mail to get a signature requested and once received would be refunded on the credit card account within 3-5 billing days. I never received a confirmation email b4 shipping out that they state when that is received with the order number the consumer has time to notify them before the product is shipped to cancel the order. Hope this helps. I too was unable to find a contact number till I was given it by the bank.

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Magicjack Internet Service

MagicJack Don't Disclose

I purchased 2 MagicJack, one for my primary phone and one for my independent fax line. I ordered and paid for 2 MagicJacks. A few days later I received the two ordered MagicJacks. I plugged them into the USB ports and one refused to work. After a whole day of Live Chat, MagicJack fails to tell you is that you need a separate computer for each MagicJack. They should have disclosed that you need a separate computer for each jack, which SUCKS. It's hard to believe that MagicJack can not engineer a way to have more than one jack on a computer. Warren
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The magicjack is the worst product ever made ... I've spent two days on chat support with robot typing retards that can't seem to figure out why I can't recieve calls or call my voicemail.

So I'm going to *attempt* to return it and I'm sure I'll never see my money again.


when you think about it. it does make sense that you would need 2 computers for 2 phone numbers.


They give you 30 days to did you return it?


:grin jajaja yes it is


is just common sense that you will need another computer. lol

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Magicjack Internet Service

Magicjack in Clovis, New Mexico - Magic Jack is Awesome Read This Review

MagicJack is working for me everyday, it works fine for now and saves me all kinds of money. The live chat program works and they did what they say. When you order MagicJack there is a check box that asks if you wish to get charged now and also another asks if you want to upgrade. I did have 5 years so stop bitchen. Sometimes people get products when they do not read the fine print. You must have a good fast internet connection and know how to keep your computer clean. As for charging for service ahead of time, you need to learn how to read......... Be an active listener.... Say no to drugs! Dont take wooden nickles and keep you head out of your butt. FROM: Lively in loving town
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I totally agree with you... the thing is that most people are lazy and don't want to read.

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Magicjack Internet Service

Magicjack in Atlanta, Georgia - Magic Jack didn't work!!!!!!!!!!

Magic jack doesn't work!!! I purchased Magic Jack to replace my phone service and had canceled my bell south service- BIG MISTAKE! Always had a bad connection. Could hear an echo. Couldn't even have a conversation. Wouldn't connect calls at times. Couldn't use the Internet when on the phone. I tried everything to fix it. I bought two new phones-like magic jack said to do if you had problems(I thought my old one was the problem) Money wasted again! Job hunting is a joke with *** phone connection. I am more than pissed off. I feel like I have been pissed on instead!
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cant heard anyone on the phone


Magic Jack works about 50% of the time on long distance calls. When it works, it's great.

Otherwise "clipping" on the receivers end is so bad you can not have a conversation. Mostly it occurs on long distance calls and peak inter net usage hours. For local calls it is about 75% reliable.

You better have a cell phone or land line for back up. Magic Jack is no where near as good as advertised.

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Magicjack Internet Service

MagicJack is a scam!

This company is a scam. There is no way to contact a real person or return their terrible product. How can the primary networks possibly endorse the scam artist.I'll be placing a complaint with the FCC immediately. They've continue to ask for additional credit card information. You have no way of verifying the legitimacy of anything they claim on their website of the of the things they send in their emails. Don't fall for this scam. You'll likely regret it. Most of my calls are broken up and friends an family complain about the quality of the calls with them.
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amazing to hear all the complaints! My magic jack works fine and has performed flawlessly. maybe you all need to get a real internet service to attach the magic jack to and quit your bellyaching!!


Daniela Taylor - Meg & Phil, Mom Suarez shared the link to your pics! Absolutely bueutifal.

You should feel blessed. You have a bueutifal family.

Love all the pics. Can't choose one over the other!


customer service sucks. All comunication from keyboard, will not give out a phone number or an address.You can't evev talk to someone you can't understand.If it isn't, it should be considered a public utility. The magic jack dosn't work properly, some time cuts in and out,can't hear[ volume so low]

Save your money don't get ripped off. And remember tell a friend.

If you want to get a magic jack and you have a problem plan on typeing notes back and forth for hours because the fault is in your computer or router or your settings and after everything checks out on your end they will check their equipment.

If you want total frustration buy a magic jack.


If some thing sounds to good to be true then it is not true.Looks to me like all you suckers *** hook line and sinker.You should have learned that by the time you became an adult that there is no such thing as a free lunc.







I really believe now it's a scam. When I bought magicjack one year ago, I paid for the five years of service.

After one year, my service stopped and said it is expired and I can't find anyone to correct this. It ripped me off!!


Just sent this to this Dan CEO i learned about here.

Hi Dan,as I thought Abraham fixed this so I would not get charged the $30 port release fee to Net Talk ,it is now a problem !

Karen last night told me you lied to me and that there is no way to avoid getting charged this $30 ! Net Talk got rejected because of a wrong PID or PIN number .I talked to Jillian yesterday afternoon and she said my PIN is OYHTT .When I tried to log on last night it would not use my current password xxxxxxx and would use xxxxx , all Jillian did was change my password. I have to port request set up again with Net Talk with user ( password (xxxxxx) and PIN (xxxx) . Now I'm worried after getting a e-mail from you guys wanting me to give my contact info and credit card ,that I will get charged the $30 !

You promised me this would not happen and I have all conversations saved ! Can you fix this or do I take legal action ? You guys know I've had nothing but problems since day one ,had one of your techs dare me to try to contact the owner or manager and now get lied to !

All I want to do is get the *** away from Magic Jack ! Thanks,William Griffin

#450625 is the CEO. He promised to clean up customer service by 3/1/12 but hasn't. Just had a $1K laptop ruined by their techs, who know nothing, lie constantly, and tied me up for 9.5 hours fixing nothing.

Email this person with your complaints. He is saying he is going to go from last to first, but has done nothing.

The product is junk, the service is worse than horrible, and I, too have been the victim of rip offs by their billing department as recently as today.


My MJ came, no paid invoice(I had paid by credit card)no paperwork at all. They said I cold return it in 30 days if not satisfied,WHERE WOULD I SEND IT.

Just spent 85 minutes, shuffled from one person to another, just trying to find out if they had a FAX number.

Never did get the number. Time to complain FCC, BBB, Consumer Complaints Office.



insane customer support - I have a new MJ+ that is 3 months old. Stopped working and they have tried to fix it for 3 hours on their chat. Offered to sell me a new one to fix the problem 5 times and wanted my credit card numbers again.

Total waste of money and time with this product. Save your money and time - buy something different


will be canceling my service when it is time to renew. they charged me 90.00 dollars for something i didnt want nor ask for.

on my debit card.

and now haveing to figt to get my money back. talk about scammed :(




I've had MJ for 5 yrs & use it alot. Yes a high speed internet connection is needed to talk & use your computer at the same time.

One or the other! Should help with the phone call breaking up. My MJ blue light went out on one of the MJ & they sent me another one. No problem.

Yes totally agree customer service is horrible as there is NONE.

Their site does explain most of the problems but it takes a lot of time to figure it out. BUT well worth it in the $$$$ we are saving from our phone company!


I was sent a magic Jack I didn't order. Where do I send it.


i want to use MJ for a fax, but it shuts off by itself when my computer is in sleep mode. Can this be corrected? If not it is pretty useless.


I've had an MJ for 2.5 yrs & recently added an MJ+. Cannot say anything but good about this company & service.

I've read many complaints on sites, and almost everything folks get upset about is clearly explained on their site.

Seems like a lot of people need to learn to READ before complaining... better yet, before buying!



I went to the online chat and told the agent i pay for a magic jack win it 1 come it came with free 1years but i pay for 5 years in 30 day i was boot off magic jack agent told me i need too pay for 5 years i told the agent thay can kiss my *** i send my money on fishing :(


If you have a Radio Shack in your area, contact them for "Real Live People" help.


i have been using magic jack for two years, in fact I have two magic jacks! everything was working well until one of my magic jack stops working.

I went to the online chat and told the agent( whoever it is) about my problem. I spent more than TWO HOURS chatting with them, my problem was not resolved. next day I went online again and went through all the same thing but again did not solve my problem.

if this is a good company, what kind of CUSTOMER SERVICE do you have???????? :roll :roll


I have had only excellent results, & I'm PICKY !

Even with my older computer it worked well. Since someone reads these posts I think those who are disaffected should be contacted & their problems resolved.


Despite what anyone might believe, magic jacks

can and in my case have broken, I have gotten entangled in cords, and the jacks have seen their last. Although I have used magic jack for

5 years, this is the first year I have broken 3.

I was mentally out of sorts dealing with illness

and deaths in my family.

I finally realized that with 4 jacks, same number, I should have 4 years of service credit. Magic jack tells me that's not the case; the free time is all concurrent and runs out in October. As far as I'm concerned, this is just plain wrong. I've been scammed.

:( :(


it works but the scam is you need a wifi, they say dont need computer but why would you have wifi in house if you dont have a computer, so you need computer internet for it to work, scam , funny a phone company with no phone number, scam scam


I have had the Majic Jack for two years now and the only problem that I have experienced is when I talk to my sister who lives in a very rural area, it sometime breaks up at her end and she cannot understand me.


magic jaci is great, i live in canada. it works great aside from having an old computer it stopped working, than i bought a new computer. and myu magic jack works great, i have saved a lot of money in long distance calls i have even talked them over the phone, a verry satisfied customer.


Their standalone is also a rip off to older users. Any credit on your old account is lost although the cost is the same for both fofr 5 years usage.

Im sending it back.

The old one worked fine and has 5 years credit left on it! They dont tell you about loosing your credit in the ads though!




Works great. Replaced my $34.95/month calling plan with the magic jack plus. We were going to get rid of our home line and just use our cells - just many people still have that as our number and this was a great alternative.




TNX. my e-mail is ...


I have been a majic jack customer for a few years. For me it works just fine.

However I have found sometimes the listening quality is not as great as a direct land line or perhaps a cell phone which is to be expected you are going through the internet to get connected compared to a direct connection. Although it never has been bad enough for me not to rec. the product. They have 2 differn't models the first model your computer has to be on for it to work the second model you can plug it into your router if you have extra plug ports in your router which allows you to not leave your computer on.

I have used both versions. For me call quality is the same I perfer the newest model so I don't have to leave my computer on.

I really think it is well worth having this product. Give it a try


My magic jack plus seems to have worked for the 30 day test period and has now stopped working even though I have paid for it. It works when connected directly to the computer but does not work on the modem.

It worked fine on the modem when I first installed it but stopped working after about 30 days. Does anyone know how contact customer service?


I need To Send it Back Don't know how And Where To?


Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are not currently in a chat session.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

You are not currently in a chat session.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

You are not currently in a chat session.

You are not currently in a chat session.

You are not currently in a chat session.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

You are not currently in a chat session.

You are not currently in a chat session.

You are not currently in a chat session.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

You are not currently in a chat session.

You are not currently in a chat session.

You are not currently in a chat session.

You are not currently in a chat session.

You are now chatting with 'Steph'

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK554020134399X

Mike Lynch: Please cancel this Order TS14399769.

Steph: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.

Mike Lynch: OK!

Steph: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.

Steph: Please wait while I check that for you

Mike Lynch: OK!

Steph: I will be right with you.

Mike Lynch: What did you find? Did you Cancel it?

Mike Lynch: The hour to Cancel is almost up. What is happening?

Steph: I will be right with you.

Mike Lynch: Steph, This is beginning to appear like Internet Fraud! I do not believe you are really looking for this Order nor a real person. I believe you are some robotic system responding to waste time to cause the Cancellation Hour to expire. Is this true?

Mike Lynch: Steph,

Mike Lynch: Please send me a copy of this Chat for my documentation purposes.

Steph: May i have the last 4 digit and the zip code of your credit card.

Mike Lynch: Yes, 0245 - 33764

Steph: Thanks

Steph: Please wait while I check that for you

Mike Lynch: OK!

Steph: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.

Steph: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.

Mike Lynch: Steph, I'll wait however, I will be calling my Credit Card Provider to Issue a Charge Back for this Order and Posting Negative Feedback with regard to the Product and the Service. I do not know your work load but this Chat is so old and long for a simple request that any Credit Card Provider will happily refuse payment.

Steph: I have tried checking here,but i cannot access to your order.

Steph: Can you please double check the last 4 digit of your credit card?

Mike Lynch: Sure, 0245!

Mike Lynch: Steph, Give me a minute, I'm on the phone with the 24 Hour Visa Line contesting this Order. Perhaps they will have a question for you. Hold on.

Steph: I will be right with you.

Steph: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.

Steph: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.

Steph: I will be right with you.

Mike Lynch: Steph, It appears that you will not help me Cancel this Order. Visa explained that you have already Billed my Account. Once it Posts, I'll be disputing it. I'll start Posting the Negative Feedback where ever I can on the Net. Thanks again for trying. If I were you I would start looking for a new Job as MJ appears to be a very disreputable company.


Have been susing fo 3 years calls are fine . Jimare for real its a phone


I have never used magic jack but i have a lot of friends using it since 3 or 4 years now, there is no single complain from them, i personally jealousy about these, because it saves them a lot money, could you imagine paying just $20.00 a year and someone still complaining about the product....S>C>A>M or WHAT,this product really work and save you money but in this world there is no perfection,i believe in future this coy would improve on thier product.This is absolutely

breakthrough from these pricy contract phone coy.



I have been using MJ for about 4 years now and have NEVER experienced a problem even with renewing my subscription. I have tried to contact Customer Service and that was impossible but that was for a computer issue not a MJ device issue.

All in all would definitely recommend. Has saved me hundreds of $$ a year in home phone costs.


MagicJack loves to take your money, but isn't so keen on refunds when they make a mistake. Finding an actual phone number for them is a little tricky too.

I found the number on my bank statement. I believe that on was only a recording, l but if you listen all the way to the end it gives another number that connects you to an actual person (unless they fixed this loop-hole since my problem). It's safe to say that customer service is not their strongest attribute.

Save all chat transcripts where they admit fault, they will be helpful in getting your money back through your bank or credit card company. From my experience, MagicJack won't give you anything but the run-around.


Can u use magic jack with satelite Internet if you have the high speed?


I have MJ for 3 years and no problems at all


I have 2 majic jacks, have had for bout 5 yrs now, they r just fine abd those on the other end can't tell the difference, yes it is not perfect (what is ?) some minor interference if computer runs programm while on phone but for a MERE 20.00 per year, this is doable. I don't understand all the whinin, go back to payin the big bucks abd see what you get and what you miss.


Can you use mj without have a phone service in your home?


:) I'm very happy with my MJ. The only issue I have is that I have to terminate the calls before 1h 30m otherwise MJ does it.

Then I have to reboot my computer to be able to call again.

Big deal...I love my MJ, it has saved me a lot of money in this pass year. Keet up the good work guys.


I have used it for about 5 YRS now & have saved lots IT IS A GREAYT INVENTION


Doesnt work with wifi hotspots!!!! !!!!



Bought it a couple years ago and no one told me that satillite internet would not work. You must have a hard line internet service ie cable or similar.




I've had MJ for about 3 years now and I must say it's been great. My sister has it also and at first she had problems then we discovered that the DSL line she had what was causing the problems.

She dumped DSL and went to cable and hasn't had any problems. DSL was with the phone company and I believe that they were causing the problems on purpose after all that is one of there money makers. Now I do know that MJ does have problems with the Windows sometimes and you do have to reboot computer but hey what do you really expect for $20 a year. I can live with that as i live with my cell phone has problems also like drop calls or no service and i pay alot more.

I'm also a believer that some of these complaints are by the phone company wanting you not to buy MJ. People you also must keep in mind that having DSL lite or the cheapest broadband you can get will not work well with MJ. I have Time Warner Roadrunner and never have had any issues with MJ for years. Love it and has saved me alot of money that I spend on *** cell service with Verizon.

Can you hear me now! LOL javascript:ac_smilie(':)')


I've never had a problem with my Magic Jack.

I've had mine for nearly 2 years now. Sure beats AT&T and their ever increasing prices.









I'm sick of getting error responces when I try to forward my phone or try to change it back. The customer service (?) is adequate if and when you can get ahold of them.

When it works it's great. When it doesn't it's a real pain in the *** :(


:grin Well all i can say is it works great for the most part. And when it dont i just hang up & call back. Its like a cell phone it dont work all that good ether but cost hunders of $. I had othe VOI phone & they didnt work right ether but had a monthy cost but for a lot less money MJ is great. I have used it for about 3yr now & have saved lots

of money,



I have spent several hours chating with MJ people and absolutely nothing they suggested stopped the warbbling audio. I even spent $199.95 with Systweak as MJ refered me to and the problem still existed. Best thing to do is disconnect MJ and save your time, money, and temper.


some people can't operate computers very well, like load up too many poorly written programs (games) and then want to blame VOIP phone companies for their jacked up computer problems. First they need to clean off all the *** from the machine and then defrag the hard drive once a week. Don't blame a great idea for poor execution on your own end.


Had magicjack for about a great...even signed up for the long distance...with cell phone Brazil and Canada a lot...

Call price to Brazil can't be beat...over all for us the product exceeds it adverts..

Works fantastic


I would never buy Magic Jack after reading all the reports. I don't need the aggravation.


you a *** me me me


*** you Rebecca, you scuzzbag ho!


attention NEVER BY ANYTHING OFF THE TV! its better to pay a higher price for a liget company than pay cheap and get scammed. learn that!


there liars..they billed my account the FIRST night of my 30 day "free trial" not one time..but THREE times...its near impossible to get a phone number..but i it is for anybody else who needs it...yet i still havnt gotten anywhere..we will see i guess :/

Billing Department 561-594-2140 or 281-404-1551

Address - magic jack, PO BOX 6846 west palm beach fl 33045


I purchase a magic jack and follow all the instruction all I get is reror 3 and I follow the instruction on the Magic Jack web I could never use it.I try to return the product to Best Buy they refuse it.I could never contact any support.You beter off to give the money to the charity rather than buy magic Jack it's a scam.


for warren, et al: if not satisfied with Magic Jack, notify your State Attorney General's Consumer Dept. the FCC, the Better Business Bureau, local consumer departments, your State Public Service Commission, write a letter to your local newspaper and send an email to all local T.V.

stations, but above all beware of giving out your credit card number. Also, check with your state Department of Corporations and see if it is a legitimate company and if there are any complaints against them. That will also tell you who is the CEO, where is the company registered, etc.

etc. You work hard for your money so don't let the @#$^% steal your money.


I use my Magicjack to call long distance to my daughter who does not have a Magicjack is the call still free?

Roy Boorman


What the ***!! When you pay for something that is that CHEAP!!!

What do you EXCEPT!!!!



We've had magicJack for the past 24 months and we've been quite happy with the service. We've saved hundreds of $$$ as a result of toll-free calls to United States and Canada.

Even though we're subscribed to the slowest DSL service, we have great connections 99.9 percent of the time. If there is one issue that we wish could be overcome it would be that FAXes are problematic.

However, we've known that and we cannot complain. Whenever issues arise, we go to Chat facility and the Reps helped us to solve the problem.

It's unfortunate that there are so many negative comments from other customers, but not even G-d can please some people!


ive never had any problems with it, at all. period.

its not top notch perfect service, like crystal clear, but for the price i paid, i would say i got a great deal! gonna pay for another year next month.


I have had Magic Jack since they first come out and I have never had any issues. You can contact Magic Jack.

It is done by chat on the website. They always respond to me and fix my problems. They do it by chat to save money (What do you expect for $20 a year). Personally I a willing to communicate with them by chat in order to save a lot of money!

It is not true that you can not return it. My friend got magic jack after he heard all the good reports from me and he had a defective unit. He got on the chat room and they immediately sent him a new magic jack with a pre paid envelope to send the old one back. You guys have to understand that for $20 a year you are not going to get a live telphone operator to answer your calls.

The idea is to save money. If savaing money is not your thing, go to the local phone company.


I never wanted to buy Magic Jack at first. I figured it was too good to be true.

But when my nephew told me that he had it for over a week with no problems, I decided to get it. Now, after over a year with no problems, I don't regret getting MJ. But I must add that it has two drawbacks. One-it must work with a computer.

And two-it is best to have a separate PC for Magic Jack.

My nephew had advised me to do so but I didn't, and found that whilst using my PC, whenever the phone is in use, I get problems with my mouse. So I decided to get a separate PC for MJ, and since then it works beautifully.


Do you have an valid e address for MJ?


Looking at how this company is run and all the $$ they take in and the web site is down and the *** unit won't access the internet you have to belive that too much pot is being used by management.


This product has no support at all. They can't even maintain a web site.

With the million of $$$ they make you would think they could do what a savy 12 year could to maintain a web site. Wonder how much longer they will last.


you advertise free, unlimited calling yet you charge $40 a year; that is not free.

Then you charge $20 a year and that is not free.''

Where is the free part.

How can I take you phone service with me without taking my computer?

Why don't you interface with my cell phone and then I can take it with me along with my laptop.

Why are so many customers so rabidly angry at you?


I had this *** piece of *** for almost a year until they did an update then everything went to wrong, couldn't contact anyone finally found a phone number in Fl. and called, of course I got a *** machine with another phone number to call and guess what, another machine, this guy works out of his house I bet so there is no other number, I wish we could get his number and everyone start calling him maybe he just might start doing business legally and give people the help he says he will, but I don't think so.


need an address to send M J back to you


I have been using MJ for nearly a year now and am VERY satisfied w/ the great service.

I too am an inventor and I know the long journey to success may be for something new, there will be people that find fault w/ everything........but be smart people this is for real and it will save you $$$. crystal river,FL PS I call overseas

a lot and that too is great...great rate too. THANKS MJ


I've been a fully-paid subscriber to magicJackâ„¢ since March 14, 2010.

Since 1/26/11 I've been totally locked off line. I have no standard telephone (VOiP) service of any sort, nor access to my "Contacts," "History of Calls," "911-Emergency Service.

The only option offered to me is to pay, again, for a mandatory, Five-Year Renewal (no one-year term even offered or accepted).

I wouldn't mind renewing now but, as a matter of principle, I shouldn't be cut-off from all "services" some six (6) weeks prior to the end of my current commitment.



I keep reding all tis complaints about MagicJack and truthfully I can't understand what the problem is. I love My MagicJack, I have used it for over a year without any problems.

Now I can tell you this I have found that 90% of the problems with MagicJack is user created. How do I know this?, I was talking to my neighbor about how I felt about the MagicJack, I told him that it was great, so he decided to purchase one. as soon as he bought it he started having problems first he couldn't get it to work which was taken care off by proper registration information (he had missed and/,or miswritten some of the information). Next he couldn't get messages, He had both the telephone answering machine and the magic Jack's at the same time, this is a NO-NO, next he couldn't get sound.

again his fault, he had turned off the sound. I think most of the problems are that people are scared that they are being cheated because they just can't believe the savings this little gadget represents, After my neighbor got over the idea that all wrongs where being caused by this little gadget and started using it with confidence he has not had a problem for over a year now, and he has come to love it as much as I do. No, I am not related to this company at all. I am just stating my honest opinion.

I have had

good luck with the MagicJack and my communications with the company have been excellent. Good Luck


I recieved the magicjack but not hooked it up yet. I want to keep the same number I have now.

I need to know how this is done. If I can't have my same number, I don't want this service. I read a lot of bad reviews about your product and I'm very discouraged.

Email me asap please.


MagicJack is not a scam. I have had the service over a year and it is wonderful.

My daughter is working in Costa Rica and I needed an inexpensive way to call her and MagicJack is the solution. Have talked to her 1,000 of minutes and have not had one problem. The quality of the connection is better than my landline phone.

I would recommend MagicJack to anyone. Sure someone can always have a problem with anything they buy but I am very happy with MagicJack.


Ive had magic jack for 2 years now, and I hate it. It worked fine the first year, but right after I renewed for year two the trouble started.

:eek First they removed my contacts list from MY computer, and put it on their systems, and subsequently lost them. So I had to redo my contacts list from scratch. The sound is not very good, and now when I boot the computer, I almost always have to unplug the device and stick it back in so that I can use the handset. For some unknown reason, it likes to switch to speaker/microphone settings.

Then it doesn't even work with the microphone and speakers I have. I am not even going to contact their 'live customer care' about this either. I tried doing that once before, but it is a major waste of time. Everything they do is scripted and you cannot talk to their superiors.

It doesn't matter who you talk to, if you ask to speak to their manager, they always tell you that they are the head of their department and there is no where for you to be transferred too. Thank goodness I haven't had a billing problem with them! But I did buy the jack at a Staples, instead of over the phone or online.

That third party just might be my saving grace on that. :roll


We've had magicjack for 2 years - since my wife had a $200 cellphone bill one month. Haven't had any serious problem & it works great.

Got it connected to a 3-station wireless - I repeat: zero serious problems. When you shutdown computer or lose internet connection, you have to wait about 1 minute for it to re-boot, that's all.


as per my earlier post, anyone that has had similar problems with no resolve, please contact me at


i havent even placed the order with them yet,as when i called the number off the commercial, and they asked to verify my billing info, so i could pay 39.95 at the end of a FREE thirty day trial period,they also ask to verify the security code on the back of your card, and when i did this, was told, it was an invalid number,already contacted financial instituion and was told that there are two charges showing,and what probably happened is that they ran it twice because of the security code, and this being an unemployment debit card and not an actual credit card, i can not afford to be getting billed for something i did not order, and if i do find out that they billed my cerd twice, with what was supposed to be an invalid security code, there will be serious problems with the company, you can believe that!!!!!!!!!i will also be contacting my better business beareu,and state attorney generals office, as well as my local news stations, all of them, to get to the bottom of this seemingly scamming company, and figure out , what we as consumers can do to stop them from getting away with this kind of .;,'..., and to find out how the major tv broadcasting cos. can continue to let them advertise on their stations, and make them look bad too, may even contact the fcc about them also,probably will!!!


How can I write on contact list or erase unwanted names,numbers? Do you have to pay for voice mail, caller ID. pay extra?


:grin I like Magic Jack, and I don't work for them either. It's convenient just for house phone purposes.

I think people always want more than they're going to get for this cheap *** price. But then I also have a cell phone!


Will there be a chance that we will be able to speak to a real person and get information?

It is my belief,any Company should be able to offer this service if they like to stay in Business.

Customer service should be number one,please change.

I had this service but did not liked the way it was handled,30 days no charge &I was charged 2 days later,no good servise



The elders have said if you pay one penny, you get one penny worth of things.

You only pay $19.95/year for magic jack,

how much are you expecting to get in return. Go figure!


I don't know if it is a scam or not. The quality issue is fine with me.

Them deleting MY contact list on this upgrade is an issue. Their customer service is really bad. As someone commented, they are using a set script.

Their top 10% agents leave a lot to be desired. So I guess what I am saying is that the product works just fine but hope you never need to talk to their service department.


The Magic Jack works great.. What are you talking about.

I can call a real person. I can call my friend who lives in another country. I can call my friend.

I can call a random stranger... There is a difference from a product not working and the stupidity of the owner.


Just got off my email chat with them after trying to discontinue my service. I was forced to put a land line in my office as the service provided was very limited.

I contacted their office and went through at least 5 run arounds about who I was calling and was redirected to one of the top "10%" agents in their company. NOTHING WAS DONE. I tried to get a refund but they said it was after the 30 day trial.

They certainly stalled me at least that long. DONT DO IT IF YOU DEPEND ON A PHONE FOR YOUR LIVING!!


i wouldn't sy that MJ is a scam but their customer service really SUCKS in my opinion! i enquired about when my service would be expired and was told an email would be sent to let me know.

no email was ever received and in the middle of the day it stopped working.the kind of money a company such as this brings in you would think you could actually talk to a person on the phone instead of chatting with some *** who is reading from a script!

again great product,HORRIBLE customer service.they certainly need to overhaul the service part of the company or they will lose a lot of customers. also whoever is defending them could very well be an MJ employee for all we to meet one of those in a dark alley,lol


Magicjack is not a scam. People who have problems with the device didn't take the time to read the required system requirements.

It clearly states that you need a speed of 128kbps on the upload side. Most internet speeds below 3Mbps don't have uploads fast enough to support that kind of upload speed. You need a broadband connection of like 7Mbps to support consistant call quality.

My Magicjack works great. I've had it about a year and a half and use it on both my desktop and my netbook.


I have the magic jack and i love it.I use it at work and home and it does what it says. I have not experience any problems.

The only problem i have had is when my computer is off my phone is off but i can deal with that I HAVE NO PHONE BILL. The one payment i paid is one monthly bill with other phone companies


I have the magic jack and i love it.I use it at work and home and it does what it says. I have not experience any problems.

The only problem i have had is when my computer is off my phone is off but i can deal with that I HAVE NO PHONE BILL. The one payment i paid is one monthly bill with other phone companies


My magic worked for a couple of months and then suddenly stop responding. The blue light doesn't come on and my computer does not recognize it. After spending hours on an internet chat with support and being transferred to at least 5 "representatives", I'm told that they will ship another unit but I have to pay for shipping and handling.

Annoyed by this, I make it clear that I would rather them fix my ailing unit than to pay for a replacement. They inform me that I don't have to return the defective unit, that why I have to pay for the new unit. I ask where I can complain and I'm given a website that was returned becaues it is no longer being used and sends me back to website.

I am so angry. I bought my sister a unit when I started using it and have been telling other people about it. No more!!


Do not buy Majic Jack!I am having a terriable time with it.I sometimes can t even call out on my phone.Also if someone is online you can t hear the other party it sucks


I love my magicjack.It works as the company states.I've had no issue with it and was billed only once for my plan.The only downfall is that your computer must be on for it to work.


I have had MJ for about three years and I am very satisfied. Some software will cause sound problems, just click them off to make or receive if you have a problem. In three years, overall, I am very satisfied, I have two MJ's, one for my desktop and one for my laptop.


:zzz you see people who write fake reviews bvased on prejudice will cry about their bank acount, usualy looks like this-

i ordered this device and it never worked right and they charged my account twice after ordering it, for one thing if you never got it you couldnt have tried it!

boy being a repair technician, you see alot of how people act. ya know their exists a term called SOCIALY DISEASED! meaning the games people play and the drama they spread around, this is no diferent people lieing about things.


MAGIC YACK IS NO SCAM. people who claim to try this and call it a scam are retards who take things out of context and are moronic when it comes down to basic understanding about computers.

im a repair technician and the only time i have seen any issue with magic yack is when retards have dialup and try to use it. it is a broadband device. also they do everything they claim. trouble is you have people that read a sign saying unlimited calls for local and long distance not international!

it clearly states you can ad money to call internationaly. i went to santa cruz with my mini netbook and used my homephone in my backpack and made calls via the cafes wi-fi.

i love my magic jack it's no scam. its *** who have selective memories or eyes or want evething for nothing no mental effort.*** i offer to teach people hw to fix thier computers while i fix it, but alot more people dont want to know they just wanna push buttons that do thier command.


I'm Glad I took the time to read the comments about Magic Jack. I was interested in buying one but after reading all the complaints and problems I don't think I will.

When I first seeen the commercial about this product I was skeptical from the first.

Than I seen one in the store and you are right, it is very cheaply made and I don't like the not being able to contact customer support. I use my phone for business and I cant take the chance in changing to this service untill I see much more posative feedback.


Majic Jack is a Scamm they debited my account twice in two months I only ordered one device and I NEVER RECIEVED IT!!!


can you use the internet while on the the magic jaack.


One thing I do not like about it is that I still like to use Skype to cam chat with friends and play games on. If Magik Jack is plugged in I cannot do this and miss calls besides.

Magic Jack overrides any Skype programs and it really isn't as much fun as Skype. Just cheaper.





They are just greedy bastards! No shred of honor company!

Another shady company will go under...


We just got our MJ and love it! Now, how do you have it work with the fax machine?

Only one inline at a time....will a dual inline work?



I am thinking of getting MJ, but I haven't found much information on it. Do I have to have one on every phone in the house and is it $19.95 a year for each?

I saw the trail offer but they only allow 2 and charging $39.95+6.95 shipping after the 30days. I don't understand.... Can somebody please help! I am also wanting to make my home a wireless home but dond't know what router I should buy, Will MJ work with any of them?

Please somebody advise me! email Is this a great product or what?


If I go on a vacation travel outside USA will I be able to use my MJ to call home ?


:sigh Contacted MJ customer service to confirm our area code in Canada was available (902) and was assured it was. Ordered, paid for and received my MJ, BUT when I tried to register the 902 area code was told it was not available. when I tried customer service they kept referring me to the webpage that says it is available AND in atrocious english told me there was nothing they could do about it.


to charles medicus - I know people who run their MJ's on laptops wireless and they work fine. I bought a wireless receiver for my desktop PC and the MJ worked but the quality was poor.

I have their paper work in front of me and they state right out PC , nothing says will work wireless or on laptops.

If its a good wireless system and your receiver is strong you may be OK! Not MJ's fault as they do say hardwire only!


Hey annak! All you have to do is click the minimize box in the upper right hand corner of the magicjack display to store it on your bottom tool bar. It will only automatically open when some one uses the phone again!


Hi! I'm back.

magicjack, (MJ), is a great product! It is as good if not better than any service out there. I am sure that 99% of the complaints are posted by MJ's competitors or by some one who does not have the minimum computer set up to use them. The first type of complaint I can not do anything about.

The second type can be easily adressed. First your computer needs to be XP or newer. Second, you need decent Internet service. We use the cheapest high speed our provider offers, 1.0 GB.

Any problems arising if you meet these specs are probably user related. The best way to get help is through their chat line. If you don't know how to chat you should learn. I always get great service, with no exceptions.

I moved and broke my MJ. My fault. I had bought it 6 months before. MJ replaced it at no cost and they even sent me a pre-paid return mail envelope to send the old one back in.

I did not even have to pay postage! I had to cancel the credit card I used to purchase it before the thirty day trial was up. Using the chat line I was able to provide them with my new card info so I was able to keep using my MJ with no interuption of service. In 12/09 I paid $19.50 for my second year.

It is still working fine. Once a month unplug your MJ. Wait 1 minute and plug it back in. This will keep your software updated.

MJ should pay me for all the advertising I do but THEY DON'T. I have no stock in the company either. If I could buy it I would. The more people who disregard all the complaints listed on the Internet and give it a try the more the company will grow!

They sold over one million units last year! I hate big phone companies so you can imagine my surprise when I listened to a friend and gave it a chance. It costs approximately $1.23 a month. You can not beat it.

The quality, (if you have the right computer set up which they list in their literature, they are not trying to rip you off!), is better than Skype or Vonage! Unlimited long distance in the USA, bring your MJ to Europe, plug it in to a PC with high speed Internet, plug your phone in to the MJ and you can call anywhere in the USA for free just like you were at home!!! Free 411, as many calls as you want. When using 411 you have to listen to advertising but this is how they pay for free 411!

Call waiting, caller ID, voice mail, etc. ! Let's force the big phone companies to either lower their prices or go out of business. This company is owned by the inventor and is not a big conglomerate!

I like the idea about supporting the little guy in the USA! I know he's not little any more but he earned his money on this great product! Give it a try. Follow the instructions.

Email me at if you are having problems getting it working. I am on disability and have nothing but time so when I can help some one it makes me feel better! Honestly though, this product is great and I hope more people try it and start passing the word about how good it really is!! Good luck those who are thinking of trying it!!

Go for it, you won't be sorry!!! :)


When they work, they wok ok. Service is terrible.

Easy to to make them mad and hangup if you do not want to sit for hours on numerous occasions to fix issues.

I simply have had 3 devices for the first two years. No warrenty availble.

Do not get an addition year added when keeping the same number yet paying the full price.

Rarely will you get phone support. I guess because you get a cheap service you get cheap support and cheap equipment.


I'm not a magic jack owner but I tried to call my sister inlaw who has a magic jack from my land line and couldn't get through but could with my cell phone. called charter and they got the same recording as I did. Can you tell me why that is.


I had MJ and a Sat receiver. I found out to late it would not work with a Sat.I now have ATT hook up.



what the *** do you want for 20 dollars a year i have magic jack and it works great so what you have a little magic jack control panel on your screen its not hijacking anything. get a life for real and quit compaling about a product that works great


Tried to renew service after 1WK of going over and over the problem I still can not renew. Did not use them to much but seeing all the complaints I am now glad I can not renew


Well I can't complain. I've been using them every since they came out, I have 4 of them. I do know this, you need to make sure you have at least 512 megs of Ram or more.

It doesn't matter how fast your internet connectivity is. I have 8 Meg or better myself. It relies on your PC having what it needs to work properly. I had to upgrade my PCs to 512 or better since then, no problems.

Can't say anything about Customer service I've never needed them.


;) 8) 8) :sigh :x :( :cry :cry :? :roll :eek :upset :zzz 8) ;) :grin :roll :?

:zzz 8) :) :( :x :sigh :eek :? 8) :cry :zzz :upset :eek :( :( :sigh :sigh 8) ;) :? :) :upset :zzz :zzz :cry :( :zzz :roll :roll :) :) :) :zzz :x :( :cry :? :roll :eek :zzz :zzz :p :sigh :sigh 8) ;) :) :) :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :x :( :cry :cry :?


:? :roll


:( This place is a scam. They make money off the features that you usually use with your regular service.

Besides, there is absolutely NO REFUNDS with magic jack after your first months use. NONE which is the bulk of the complaints against them. That little device is cheaply made and can overheat or simply stop working at any time. That means you're stuck with your 5yr service.

And get this, if your device stops working and you are dumb enough to buy another mj to at least use the 5yr service you paid for, cannot be applied to the new magic jack. you have to get all new services again. CS is via chat only. They put you on hold for unreasonble amounts of time (encouraging you to "just deal with it on your own") and they sometimes simply stop talking.

The company is a sneaky scam. Stay away from these folks.


Magicjack is a rip off, no local numbers for my area, plus I have high speed cable 8 megs, calls suck, after Jan 1st my jack stopped working. Its been 8 weeks and customer service still hasn't fixed the issue, so in the trash it went.

I am filing complaints, I got charged $40 for a $10 number change. Never again, my tracfone is a lot better than this ***.



Whenever I open my computer, anticipating the gorgeous picture I put on my destop, I am assaulted with a big Magic Jack ad immediately! Not one of my other many programs has the audacity to perform this extremely rude behavior.

And it won't go away!

When I contacted MJ, I got a very arrogant not-so-custumer-service-rep who asked if I read the TOS on this. Wasn't she surprised when I said, "yes" and could you show me where it described this rude behavior? Because I would not have accepted this.

Later, after she pretended to escalate me to another rep (herself) she admitted the lie. It is not mentioned anywhere in the TOS.

I give this company a very low score on the integrity scale.


I have had my MJ for over a year now and have not had any issues. I have high speed internet and it works great.

I use it all the time when traveling and 100% of that time is via wifi and the call quality is still great. DSL is slow and will cause some to experience choppy calls.

I would rate it a 5 out of 5. This product does what it claims


I would not know if mj actually works. Have not recieved it yet.

But they took 121.80 out of my account. I can't call and complain because there is no # to do so. I really do think mj is a scam.



Imagine I'm babysitting your kids for the night and theirs an emergency and I need to call you. You have magic Jack.

Your computer is off at night like most everyones is.

Theirs no way to get a hold of you. Sucks!!


At first the people I called said the sound was good. After a few mins.

they said the sound turned choppy I went on live chat with MJ and they had me download an update.I wasn't sure about a live chat customer service, but it worked out fine.They walked me through checking how my computer was setup.And now people say the sound dose not get choppy anymore.

Between the MG and Trac phone I have saved a lot of money.When the computer is on the Trac phone is off.And vice versa. If you do have a problem at least give the online customer service a try. I was nice to them and they were nice to me...PS. If thinking about buying a MJ and your worried about returning it, buy it from Radio Shack or Best Buy.

The have their oun return policy... I hope this rambling helped...


:grin If you look at what your saving, its a great deal. I was paying $45.00 a month for phone service, and $19.95 a month for internet access.

Now I pay $21.95 a month for both phone and internet.

Saving me $600.00 a year. Yes sometime the voice quality is not great, but I look at the savings.


Magic Jack trabaja muy bien, luego te ahorras una buena cantidad de dinero de las compañias de telefono :grin


If sound quality is of no concern, you get a $20 phone with $20 quality. Got on this site to find out about E 911 service.

With a land line, LAPD knows where you are at, if you get into trouble.... break in, 911 and they are going to send someone to see what up, especially if they hear you yelling... Magic Jack???? Maybe gets you the $20 PD i.e.

maybe never. I will keep my landline.


:x hehe


We have over 40 magic jacks through our family.

It works wonderful, as long as you have good internet. Some DSL sucks so MJ doesn't work as well. Not MJ issue, it is the DSL.

Also 25% are traveling with our MJ, and they work great!


I bought a MJ off Craigslist for 425, it was new in the package. I had a few problems getting it set up, for instance your PC has to be on all the time and you cannot have a screen saver or let the PC go into sleep or hibernate - MJ won't work.

Ok, I just shut off the monitor at night.

Another problem that is very irratating...any time you use the phone their screen pops up over whatever is on the screen. Tech support tells me "they are working on the problem." T-Mobile has a pretty good deal if you have their cell service - they have a router that works great for about $50, you can keep your number, unlike MJ where you have to choose a new number, and works even if the pc is off and it is $10 a month.


People if you need good performance of the Magic Jack make sure your internet bandwith is 1mbps or more and you will love the product if you have the basic broadband which is only about 0.5 to 1mbps then true you would experience drop calls the secret of good permance of this product is to have a good internet bandwith


Can someone please tell me how the magicjack works with the internet? I am thinking of getting MJ, but will I still have to have a phone line to hook up to the internet? Any explanation will help so much!


I just got the thing and I was able to get customer service as soon as I dialed it, they stay on the pone until a dumbe like myself got it all working


I've been using magic jack for TWO YEARS now. 40.00 first year 20.00 every year after.

I think it's a great product. The only downfall is everybody on the other end hears beeps (like you are pushing the #keys) And sometimes it breaks up. And if you don't here a dial tone you have to re-start the magic jack.

So you get some excersise. It's worth it for $20.00 a year!!


when my brother called me it sounds better than $40 :)


:zzz These people are loony, I don't personally have Magic Jack, but dozens of my friends do. No one has problems with it. Even on older computers.

Sounds like user error and not company error to me. Get yourself a "Computers for Dummies Book" and stay away from publicly displaying your ignorance of them.

BESIDES this should all be taken with a grain of salt, these people posting here don't have to display their real name, age, or anything identifying them... It is just one big trolling site for negatively to be barfed all over companies. :cry


magicjack! *** no NOT CONNECTED TO MY PC :(


What a *** are you guy's talking about , i'm using magic jack for over 4 months now and works great , no credit card , bought the jack from store .


What a *** are you guy's talking about , i'm using magic jack for over 4 months now and works great , no credit card , bought the jack from store .


We own two computers.One is DSL and the other one is Dial up. Will the Magic Jack work for both computers. also will I beable to send out faxes.


i've used the magic jack for 1 year it cost $40 - great product, however their website is not very good - i renew 1 year for $20, but it doesn't show up, and mj's email verification is all wrong, says i ordered the trial offer -- my wife insists mj doesn't work well when calling her mom who has a cell phone... anyway, its not a scam, its a great product -- AT&T was charging > $100/month, now I just need dsl ($37/month with basic land line) or cable modem & I'm good.


i've used the magic jack for 1 year it cost $40 - great product, however their website is not very good - i renew 1 year for $20, but it doesn't show up, and mj's email verification is all wrong, says i ordered the trial offer -- my wife insists mj doesn't work well when calling her mom who has a cell phone... anyway, its not a scam, its a great product -- AT&T was charging > $100/month, now I just need dsl ($37/month with basic land line) or cable modem & I'm good.


i've used the magic jack for 1 year it cost $40 - great product, however their website is not very good - i renew 1 year for $20, but it doesn't show up, and mj's email verification is all wrong, says i ordered the trial offer -- my wife insists mj doesn't work well when calling her mom who has a cell phone... anyway, its not a scam, its a great product -- AT&T was charging > $100/month, now I just need dsl ($37/month with basic land line) or cable modem & I'm good.


its just a scam to get card numbers. if you pay cash for it at the store, I bet you cant get it activated without a credit card for *** pants, I think someone needs to pull his plug.


Magic Jack Is The Biggest Scam Ever Stay Away.


Why all the negativity? MJ works just fine with me.

Am enjoying dirt cheap overseaas calls. Now about this post that MJ USB steals sensitive information from your computer...well, that's just ***.

Any person with the most basic comprehension of computers will know that its not possible.

Read the handwriting on the wall:

VOIP is the wave of the future.


I just bought the Magic Jack today from the Source. I have it activated with a Canadian number.

Used a pre-paid credit card for that.

Can't get anything else off the card so let's wait and see... ;)


ijust 5hit my pants


i just *** my pants


I was made aware that the wonderful Magic Jack also reads your computer and removes all personal information IE: Credit Cards, Sites You Visit, Purchases You Make Online, Online Banking and the list goes on, and Magic Jack makes it available and sells it to second and third party companies who dispurse it to everyone on the internet. People in Korea have your information. Asking for your credit Card information by Magic Jack should tell you it is not free.


Wake up dummies. The same tax loopholes that the rich use are there for you too, you are just too lazy to learn how to use them.

You would rather complain. I have not paid over $300 per year in taxes for over 20 years and I make less than 100K per year.


what do you expect for the price??

pay $38.99 a month w/ the local phone company. also check the port on your router they may be blockin it!~!