I bought magicjack & had trouble transporting my current number.Magicjack "customer service" suggested I return it and I did but still had problems.

I have "chatted" with at least 10 different reps even though I asked repeatedly to be connected with someone I had already chatted with. They repeated the same things over & over & had me do the same things over & over even when I told them it had not worked before. Most of the time they don't respond to questions asked - just say whatever. I've asked for a refund for the $19.99 i paid to have my number transported & been told I couldn't get it back.

I guess if you can connect using the "2 simple steps" then it's okay - but if there is ANY problem you're up a creek!

I've never had so much trouble with anything.Just now, they assured my the problem "will be resolved immediately as we are working on it" (direct quote) then disconnected me and stated "Please click here if you need further assistance" and provided a link that cannot be "clicked" UINBELIEVEABLE "CUSTOMER SERVICE"

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