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I have a FAX and message service.A couple of years ago, I tried to call it from my MagicJack number.

I had previously been able to call my message service. But, since that time, when I try to call my message service, I get a MagicJack message saying I must purchase pre-paid minutes to connect. The number is a local number! I was very annoyed.I contacted MagicJack Live Help and got the runaround.

They basically said They can do whatever they want, and I cannot call that number unless I pay them to do so... BUT IT'S A LOCAL NUMBER!!!! (The Message service is via )There is also a dating line that I call. It is also a local number.

Several months after MagicJack blocked my message service, they did the same with the local dating line's number.I again complained via live help with no resolution.I then found I CAN call the same dating line in other cities without a MagicJack charge. I was annoyed by their inconsistancy.

Why charge for calling the local service but not the one in another city??I again complained via live help with no resolution.MagicJack does not fulfill their advertised promises.They are inconsistent with applying charges WHICH THEY SHOULD NOT BE CHARGING!!I may go back to my other carrier.

Review about: Magicjack Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #630497

you are still under the belief that there is a such thing as local or domestic long distance when using VoIP. i could have whatever area code I want and use it anywhere in the world with VoIP

besides, long distance charges are and never were based on geographical distance.

MJ has been pulling this *** of blocking rural telephone exchanges that have higher termination rates. while i disagree with MJ on this, you should also wonder why your answering service and dating lines are using numbers in these high cost termination areas - because they are cheating the system along with the tiny telephone company that they use - they find these small rural carriers with little subscribers and make a deal to order a bunch of lines from them, increasing the phone companies profits, and splitting it with them.. so some blame should also go towards the people you are calling that are trying to game the system.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #628647

I have the same problem, Its telling me to buy prepaid mins for conference call, platform calls and this phone #,Whats the deal I paid for a 5 year subscription and Im getting this?What a gimic!

We need an attorney to sue this company that's hiding because they don't want us to have there REAL # to contact to complain. If you find an attorney to sue, Im in and my name is Daryl and my ph # is (423) 949-7124.

My monetary loss is a 5 year contract worth about $70.00 or more.Also sometimes when I call certain #s it just hangs up and wont let me dial the # period, Very Sorry service I feel Ive been scammed because It doesent work like they say.

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