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I purchase a Magickjack Device and paid for a five year plan, about 10months later my service was disconnected, when I called I was told I was disconnected for none payment, when I told them I paid for five years I was told that the old company was no more and a new company had taken over.I then took the yearly plan. ABOUT FOUR MONTHS after the new plan I started to encounter problems with the service, which up to this day November 3 cannot be...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Poor customer service

I recommend you do not purchase MagicJack 5 year plan. They do not stand by their product, so when you have an issue with the device, they will not send you a new one without you paying additional money for it. So you are stuck with the balance of your 5 year plan unused...or you have to pay for the new device to be shipped to you. My device failed through no fault of my own...probably because they upgraded equipment. Rep is telling me that...
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Murray Myers The only problem I have experienced with MagicJack not functioning was when the power adapter malfunctions. They are easy to replace, as a temporary measure an Iphone power ...

After 2 years with the company, I decided to purchase the 5 year plan. At the time, it was stated I could cancel anytime during those 5 years. Recently, my MJ unit failed, and they want to charge me $26 for a new one! They informed me they only had a 1 year warranty. I never saw that in the promotional material, and find it unacceptable they can sell a service with no equipment guarantee. I said no, and asked that the balance of the 5 years...
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