Moreno Valley, California

Have had Magicjack for a few months. Its great. No problems, great qualiyt. Very inexpensive.

Hope this helps you.

Quality keeps getting better. The device installs very easily with no problems. Don't know how they make money since it is so cheap. But that is great for us consumers.

Have tried a couple other phone company, but magicjack has them all beat in my book. It is just amazing to me that they can make money and charge so little for a quality service. If more American companies gave this kind of great value we all be happier. Enjoy and try it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Magicjack Phone Service.

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There are some people that would complain if you hung them with a new rope... and others that are so cheap that they are never satisfied, regardless of the cost.

It's not what you pay for what you get, it's what you get for what you pay... I've had no problem with Magic Jack and recommend buying from Radio Shack who can answer questions before they become problems.


The Magic Jack works, however their net site is difficult to navigate on, they are so keen to sell they put the additional sales screens on the Magic Jack activation sequence, which caused confusion and they added three magic jack charges on my credit card. I paid them for a five year subscription but they only show two years paid on my account.

Good device but billing and sales ethics and administration is poor,poor.


:) I LOVE magicjack. Signed up for 5 years.

Rumor has it that in Aug. 2010 we will be able to port our landline over...

I will love that. Save 30 bucks a month on landline (for my business)


I had MagicJack since Nov. 2008.

I set the calls forward to my cell phone and it has not been working consistently. it works 40% of the time but you never know when it does not work.


I have had MagicJack since July 2008 and used it very little because my area code was not available. I discovered in December that my area had been added so I changed my number to my area code and have not been able to receive any calls that come from my area code.

I have been in contact with their so-called support four times and after about an hour each time it was determined that their so-called engineers were to fix the problem and I would hear from them within 48 hours.

It has been over 4 weeks since the first contact with them, I have not heard from them, and I still cannot receive call placed from my area code. :( :cry


I ordered MagicJack back around December 15, 2008, but todate I have not received anything looking like the MagicJack featured on ad. The company took my money, and I have yet to locate a warm body to tell me the status of my order.

I am wondering if this is a MajorJackoff.

Can some one tell me how I might get a hold of a warm body at MagicJack? I am now wondering if I have been scammed.


I completely agree!!

The magic jack is a great product!

I've had it for a few months now without any problems.

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