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For 8 months the MagicJack device worked fine and then suddenly didn’t. The phone said “no line”.

Customer service is available through “chat” but be ready to wait over an hour to “chat” with someone. I was told of a list of things to do in order to test it and the solution was to plug it into my computer instead of the router. But after ending the chat I realized my computer must be on all the time in order for the phone to work- that wasn’t feasible so back to waiting for a support tech. When Joshua H finally was available to chat over an hour later- he never replied to any of my messages.

The system then kept placing me back in line for another person... after many more minutes I opened a new browser and waited again. The recommendation this time was to buy a new Ethernet cable and a new phone. Neither of those fixed it.

Back to waiting for a tech- who informs me I need to update my ports by calling my internet provider. My internet provider tells me I have to call my router company... they get updated and it still doesn’t work!!

I use other devices via Ethernet and they work- so obviously the Ethernet port/jack is out on the magicJack device. I again wait for support and this time am told that I must pay to have it replaced (it’s not even a year old) and that they won’t prorate my account for the time that I haven’t been able to use it (which has been almost 3 months).

Overall- it’s cheap and nice if it works but when it doesn’t just plan on being Magically Jacked around and wasting your time/money

Product or Service Mentioned: Magicjack Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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