Magic Jack will not work and am very pissed off..So don't buy it..!!!!!! I was so happy to get it and have no more phone bills..But After I got it I got nothing..And The store will not take it back.Am am really pissed off..

and..I just wanted to let people know this So they do not buy it and lost the $39.00 + tax's..!!!!!! Do not waste your money on the "magic jack..because it will not work and no one will help you with it..I could not get anyone to help me online or on the phone.

From., mary mcclain In newark., ohio

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i bought magic jack less than a month ago and it quit working so i went on computer to get tech support which you only have to pay 38 dollars aquestion for help. report the rip off to your attorney general which is a free lawyer for u and your state.

this thing is snake oil or like buying the brooklyn bridge. we got ripped off agian;


OMG - I got it maybe a week ago and I plugged it in. At first it gave me some garbage about it being already registered.

After that it worked....but last night my computer refused to read it. I would unplug my mouse & plug the jack into where my mouse was and NOTHING!!!!! My mouse worked on every hub but not the magic jack. I'm contemplating buying another laptop just to make this piece of *** thing work.

I should have known it's too good to be true. I spent HOURS with online tech support they repeated the steps then wanted to access my computer remotely---no, thank you!!

Who knows what they'll do to it.

If you don't mind wasting your money on garbage that will suddenly stop working then by all means buy it!!


Is it "Magic Jack" or "Majic Jack"????....i think it's spelled "Magic" myself and anyone on here who spells it "Majic" is a retard and deserves for the product not to work. Not to mention they probably have a 4th grade education and because of this work as a cashier at Walmart and since they make such low income can only cheap stuff...SO, the odds are that they have a computer from the mid-to-late 90's and are complaining that "Magic Jack" doesn't work on their Pentium II, Windows ME machine.

Am I right??? :grin


i buyed majic jack and it does not work writ on my pc anymore the way that it should work


Take your MJ to a friend or neighbor's machine and try it out. If it works and chances are it will work, then your setup is a piece of sh**. Stop blaming MJ for all your problems.


:( im pissed magic jack worked for two months and then nothing its like trhey have it timed to not work and then the custermer servcice is non existed they will not allow you to speak with a person and the on line will not give you a straight answer ,I work hard for my money and now I am stuck with out a phone the number I recive cant usae so im screwed I am leaving my email in hopes of some one that can help me!!!!!!!!!!!!



need more reviews before I make up my mind


It worked fine for me... talking with my brother in another state as I am typing this using the Magic Jack.

What type of internet connection do you have? You need a high-speed internet connection, and after plugging it up to a USB port, you have to wait for it to download some things from internet.

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