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remember what bell used to charge us all in canada for a land line. what does the new ish 50-80 dollar magic jack that is plugged directly into a router and any landline phone jack in the house really buy us.

think another 10 bucks a year buys us any canadian phone number we want 5yrs for 100 bucks or 5yrs for 100bucks plus another 50 bucks for 5 yrs of a "canadian area code. +plus another 50-70 bucks for a piece of hardware that should be worth way way way more considering what its ownership can truly buy you for all of you wonderful people who think that user support should be part of the package please donate your magic jacks to the nearest sally ann or value village . i will be looking for them, buy them up and donate them to any one of the working poor who want a land line but can only afford an internet connection .

(100/5) / 12 works out to a home phone or a business phone fully featured for the price of $1.67 per month. we all should be thanking magic jack not {{Redatced}} them

Product or Service Mentioned: Magicjack 5 Year Phone Plan.

Reason of review: amazing product . send me one someone returns.

Magicjack Pros: I love this product bullet proof why would you need support.

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