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Ok so I originally bought a Magic Jack, despite its limitation of having to be plugged into a computer that is on in order to work. Now they have come out with the Magic Jack Plus and it works with or without a computer so I want to upgrade.

I check to see if they have an upgrade program and am told no that I have to pay FULL PRICE and can't even transfer my existing years of service that I have left over. I tell them how unfair this is for loyal existing customers that have bought the original Magic Jack in good faith believing this was one of the most and best cost effective way to make calls even though it couldn't be used without a computer. I also tell them that to advertise a product as that best most cost effective method and then develop a new product that can call without computers and expect customers who bought the other product in good faith to pay FULL PRICE to upgrade is just A SCAM!!!

Magic Jack is A SCAM!!! DO NOT buy ANY Magic Jack products EVER!!!

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Basic Talk also has issues, but at 9.99 dollars per month I have nothing to complain about. On customer rep said I had two accounts, which I must have done.

Yet he would not give the account number. Finally after a couple months a rep gave me the info. They had sent out two units.

I did not have to return the second unit. Website is worthless.


As an active duty Army soldier stationed at Fort Hood, TX my wife and I purchased MagicJack Plus to lower our cell phone bill. Being stationed 2100 miles from our family we like to make regular calls home, and with a newborn baby we call for advice and to hear a friendly voice when the distance becomes to much to bear.After using MagicJack Plus for approximately 7 months, my account was unable to make calls. I contacted the company via "Live Help" and was informed my account was terminated due to violating the Terms of Service. After researching this issue its abundantly clear consumer fraud is happening at an alarming rate. I would like to see enough people dealing with this issue to become involved that a class action law suit could be initiated to stop this fraudulent company from stealing the money of hard working Americans.

Sign my petition at Change dot org

Magic Jack, LP: Release Call Logs of Terminated Accounts

to Brent #1009153

For 22 dollars, full documentation and possible recordings you will have fun in court especially if you get Judge Judy!


I am a bit skeptical about this company. The Magic Jack Plus sounds great, and is getting great press, but their infomercial is MISLEADING and WRONG.

The guy say and it's written over the screen that it is $19.95 per year for Magic Jack PLUS. When I went to the website it said that it is $29.95 per year. That is blatant false advertising. I went ahead anyway because it seems like a good deal.

I'm currently using Vonage at that price per month.

BUT I'm a little skeptical, especially after reading some of the problems people have been having. Just FYI.

Mount Vernon, Maine, United States #380238

@ Michael please re-evaluate your argument.

You’re comparing a component (PEN) with a service (5 years telephone service).

If I buy a pen (component) from Office Max which is later upgraded by an improved one, then of course NO one would ask for credit towards the new pen.

However, if you have a magic jack and you upgrade to the magic jack plus (purchased the new hardware). Why shouldn’t a customer be able to transfer 4 years of the service over to the magic jack plus and pay the difference?

Magic Jack yearly service $19.99

Magic Jack Plus yearly service $29.99

It’s only logical that the author “Anonymous” of this magic jack plus complaint has a point. Scam maybe not, unethical definitely!


How can you advertise UNLIMITED calling in the U.S. and Canada, and then put a qualifier on that in your Terms of Service Agreement?

In that you say that if a person calls 20 percent more than your other 10 million users average that person's service will be terminated with no refund. Come on MJ...really???

What does UNLIMITED mean to you? It's thru the internet provider doesn't say I can't be on 24x7 if I wish.



Are you kidding me, this thing is dirt, yes dirt cheap. Im guessing you cant please 100% of the people 100% of the time even if the product is almost FREE!

Im sure you would be complaining if the product was free too!

Do you complain to office Max when your favorite pen company comes out with a brand new pen 10 times better that your old one. No idot you go out and buy your new pen and enjoy the added features of it.

Do you say to the Samsung well I want a discount on the new TV because I bought your brand TV last time? NO! Well maybe you do LOL


Yeah, I bought an original MJ and had nothing but trouble with it. When it came time to renew I wanted to just re-up for another year but there was no annual option, just a multi-year option.

Since I was about to upgrade my DSL I thought that might help the MJ so i went ahead with the multi-year MJ subscription. Faster DSL didn't help a bit.

So now the dickheads won't even carry over the pre-paid subscription to a new device they claim will fix the problems of the old device. I wouldn't mind paying for the new hardware.

Wavell Heights, Queensland, Australia #377180

I recently purchased a MagicJack Plus. It installed fine and worked great, except I found out a couple days later my in-laws could not call me.

They only live 5 miles away. AFter a week of trying to resolve this, I decided to port my number back to a landline phone. Magic Jack had already charged me $20 to port to them, and then they charged me $30 to port back. My phone company never charged me anything.

I think I will continue pursuing this. It is a shame they have for the most part a unique product, but their lousy customer service, and constant charging for this type of stuff is somewhat unbearable


Most reputable "service" companies offer existing customers some small discount to UPGRADE to a newer version and ALL REPUTABLE companies allow you to TRANSFER PREPAID SERVICE to a new version ... all except Magic Jack!


Maybe this guy is the president of Vonage?


Tony W. - You completely miss the point, my friend.

You purchase a regular MagicJack for $30, but $20 of that is the first year of service. Same with buying another year of service 6 days before the new MJP comes out. I'm willing to pay for the upgrade, I just want the consideration for the service that I haven't used yet.

It's not rocket science. We are not getting anything for free, or for a discount.

We legitimately paid for service. We just want to use another device. If that means paying $50 for the difference, so be it.

Just not the full $70 and then throwing away the $20 for a total of $90. Or have a second useless line, that is still just a waste of an extra $20.


when you buy a TV and a better one comes out do you get a discount? people are always looking for something for nothing.

The money you saved already would counter the upgrade. Maybe MJ should just advertise it's new products as they are--- New.Go back to paying through the nose for your old company>>>>>>>>>>

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