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OK, I purchased magic jack plus online and what I really really hate about it is that as you go to buy the *** thing, it is so complicated to make a freaking order, on top of that, they give you all these ridiculous upsells as you go through.

So ya, they might say buy magic jack plus for $70, but really by the time your done, you're paying about $300.

and on top of that which pissed me the ultimate most is that a part of that $300, was that I paid for next day shipping so that it would not take 6-8 business days but instead, it gets shipped to me the next day right away.

Guess freaking what ??????? I go the *** thing after one month and 2 freaking weeks ??????? WTF did I pay $30 for next shipping for ??

They're freaking thieves.

Anyways after I got it, i did use it and I have to admit, I was a bit calm after because it does work great.

Actually I got most of my info about mj plus from this site:

This dude is like a magic jack GOD.. I wouldn't be surprised if he works directly with them.

So ya, thats my issue.. if you charge for shipping, you better *** well stick to your word and deliver it the following day.

Take care. I hate online shopping

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yard sale time and my neighbors had purchased this majic jack then got a bundle from a local cable co n gave me this..thanks so much for the 'on line' site ... :) i'm sure i'll need it cosidering what other reviewers have said ! :grin

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