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oh ya and one other thing... they don\'t tell you that choosing a CANADIAN number costs EXTRA PER YEAR

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may have posted last BAD review in the wrong place but safe to say, IT SUCKS!

1) Quality of voice is choppy AT BEST

2) we were told that we would be able to PORT our CANADIAN phone number in future but after having the first MJ for years, we STILL cannot PORT our phone number.

3) they claim its compatible with MAC BUT DO NOT tell you that it NEEDS TO BE "INTEL MAC" if you have a "POWER PC" MAC it IS NOT COMPATIBLE!!

3B) You NEED either INTEL MAC or MS WINDOWS in order to register it initially

4) their "tech support" kept me on hold for the better part of the day and I had to KEEP REPEATING myself to them!

5) MJ PLUS is supposed t work WITHOUT a computer but you plug it in the wall and it runs REAL HOT! I asked them if it CATCHES FIRE DO THEY HAVE LIABILITY INSURANCE!? THEY SAID AND I QUOTE "WE WOULD NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT"

... if your car catches fire, its the automaker right? Why would this be any difference? They also told me to UNPLUG IT!! THAT's their FIX???

I give it 1 out of 10 for the CONCEPT!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Magicjack Phone Service.

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You get what you pay for. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is! Didnt your parents teach you that?


1.) The voice quality directly reflects your internet quality. Check your router, and it's settings and possibly set proper QOS settings for the MJ. That will help. If you are using DSL, or satellite and not 'true broadband', you unfortunately SOL.

2.) No comment. That is most likely MJ's fault.

3A.) That's more Apple's fault than it is MJ's. I am a Mac fan, and unfortunately that is the way the OS and the entire movement to Objective C and Cocoa. They could of made it a universal binary. But MJ doesn't want to hire *real* programmers. They pay a bunch of Google-searching monkeys on keyboards minimum wage. They want to sip mojitos on their $2.2MM 2009 60' Viking sportfish at the Jupiter Yacht Club off 1A while still charging you only $30 a year.

3B.) How else are you going to configure it to work? Otherwise they would need to triple the computing power to make a small web-based configuration and probably jump the cost 2x. Once it's configured, you don't need a PC anymore.

4.)"Tech Support" is hilarious. They do not have college degrees, they do not have any real computer knowledge or experience and they probably get paid way less than you do and work in really crappy conditions. Yes, MJ's fault - see bottom of #3A.

5.) Canada should be on a similar 110/60Hz AC system as the US. But make sure your outlet is correct, and possibly plug it into a surge protector. It may get very hot, but being hot to the touch and spontaneously combustion are two different things. However, yes they are liable. If it bursts into flames and burns down your house, and you don;t have any wiring issues to MAKE it burst into flames, you could sue them into oblivion. See #4 why customer service will say they don't - they aren't bright and they get paid ***.

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