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EXTREMELY SATISFIED ~ AT&T Billing Formula was becoming more and more complicated to understand, slick and confusing bundle packages designed to (save the customer money) and overpriced bills laden with fees and taxes.

I have used Magic Jack for the past year and have no complaints especially the FLAT COST of the Magic Jack Phone Service.

It's time ALL phone service providers learn a valuable lesson from Magic Jack in that consumers are sick and tired of getting ZOOMED by all of you.

Give an intelligent consumer your service for a FAIR and REASONABLE cost and they will stay with you. ZOOM them as you have been and they'll come to services like Magic Jack and STAY with them. Signed: ANOTHER SATISFIED MAGIC JACK CUSTOMER

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I agree! I have had Magic Jack for 2 years and it is great.

Excellent service for $1.70 per month includes the USA and some foreign countries. A few little glitches along the way, but nothing to get upset over considering the price :)

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