Gadsden, Alabama
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I returnered the magic jack but was not credited for the full charges. Magic Jack stole 66.00 dollars from me after repeatedly claiming to do a refund.

My computer crashed before the jack arrivered so I returned the magic jack within a week of its arrival, I even had a confirmation date for the return of the jack March 4th.

It is now the 31th of March and still I have not been refunded anymore than 19.95 when I was charged two amounts 46.90 and 39.90 I was never charged 19.95 in the first place.

Don't buy from these people!

Monetary Loss: $86.

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I have a friend in Bolivia that uses Magic Jack without any problems.

Would you believe for 22 dollars you may file a small claims court complaint and have some fun at the companies expense. No lawyer is allowed.

As long as you have detailed documentation and if possible recorded voice conversations, you are in great shape.

Some states you have to tell the other side that you are recording them. In any case you can use it to refresh your memory.