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My Magic Jack phone expired and I went to go reactivate it about 6 months ago. Well, I went to my bank and got a Visa Gift Card with enough funds to cover the expense. Well, I went to reactivate it and the card declined but there was a charge on my account for the $20.91.

I contacted their live customer service and they said that "there's no order for renewal plan applied to your Magic Jack". I told them that there was a charge on my account for the amount and they said, "there is nothing on the account". I demanded a phone number for me to call but they refused. They kept saying that they handle disputes via live chat only, which is ***.

So, I contacted the CC company and they said that MJ has 7 business days to collect the money. If they don't by the 7th day, on the eighth, the funds would be returned to my credit card. The seven business days went by and MJ never collected the money. So, I got the funds put back onto my credit card.

Now a few days ago, I contacted MJ again. I asked them once again about the Visa Gift Card that I purchased from my bank. I also sent them the website of the actual gift card company. The live person "Maya" said that they do accept it from the Clarke Gift Card Company.

Today, I went and got another Visa Gift Card from my bank and put $50.00 on it. I wanted to make sure there would be enough funds for the transaction. So, then I contact MJ live person again and got a "Irvin". He "read my previous chats" but if he did that, he would've known that I don't own a credit card and that I only use Visa Gift Cards from my bank for online purchases. I called him out about it and they said nothing.

So, he walked me through the steps of putting my new CC info onto my account. He told me to submit for it to process and it was declined. I got this error: "log_id (68741685): ORA-20099: Auth Failed: Credit Floor Decline (oracle_magicjack:live)". So then they transfer me to "Nigel", one of their top 10% reps.

He had me unplug the MJ from my computer and the same *** came up about signing in and it saying the MJ is currently inactive. I didn't do anything then.

So I decided to go to my CC website account to check the balance of the card. There was a $35.91 charge on there with a balance of $14.09 left. On my account info, it said, "Purchase - MAGICJACK.COM PHONE 561-594-2140 US".

I asked why there was a charge from them and he said, "Please be informed that we don't process any payment in your credit card if the order didn't go through. You need to contact your bank if you some charges in your credit card so it will be verified."

So, I call the CC company. They said that once again, "MJ has 7 business days to collect the money and if they don't, on the eighth day, funds would be returned to the card. The $20.91 was for the MJ fee and then the extra $15.00 was for an "Pre-Opt" for security reasons".

So, I continued talking to the MJ rep, and I demanded a phone number but once again, refused. The *** kept telling me that the renewal plan costs $19.95 plus taxes and they accept Visa/MC/Discover cards and that there is no renewal plan successfully applied to the account. By this time, I am severely pissed and I went off on him. Throughout the conversation, they kept saying, "I will be right with you" and "I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you". That only pissed me off more.

They kept insisting, "You need to contact your credit card company and verify the charges posted in your credit card. We don't process any payment if the order didn't go through." So, I demanded that I wanted my year service for free because they are jerking me around because I was lied to about them accepting my Visa Gift Card from Harland Clarke. The replied by saying, "I apologize but you need to purchase renewal plan to reactivate your magicJack" and by saying, "I will be right with you".

Then they posted my phone number and license expiring date. I replied that, "The credit card company says that it has been approved but are waiting for you guys to settle the transaction." Then they replied with, "Would it be alright for you to reactivate the magicJack after 24 hours and see if it will go through?". By that time,I was irate. They threatened to close the ticket if I didn't stop using abusive language.

I asked if it would help if I gave them the Harland Clarke customer service number. I was blown off with this reply, "I am afraid but still it will not work since we do online payment to reactivate your magicJack. I would love to suggest to try reactivate your magicJack after 24 hours.

Nigel: Please chat us back again and ask for my name if the problem still persists. All chat sessions are saved and will be used for future references, so no need to explain all over again. We are here ready to assist you 24/7." and the *** closed my ticket.

My word of advice, smash your Magic Jack and send it back to the company and report anything negative you can about them. Their company sucks and they should treat their customers with respect! We buy their crappy and that pays their wages. So, share this story with your friends. Pass the word around that Magic Jack is a horrible company with terrible ethics and business practices.

Review about: Magicjack Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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I have a Magic Jack, and I can verify that they have sh*tty customer service. Mine won't even launch in start up.

I have to un plug it and plug it back in.

I tried 'chatting' but I can't even do that. I can't access that option AT ALL.

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #1077787

The magic jack device actually works quite well, but the customer support to get it setup TOTALLY SUCKS! They can take their Live Chat and shove it.

I we'll never deal with a company that I can't get a live, English speaking voice on the other end to talk to. Forget about MJ, there's some other good VoIP 's out there.


Tried to renew the Magicjack app. Just impossible and the chats are a waste of time. Worst customer service ever.

Delhi, Delhi, India #702337

I tried 4 times and each time my credit card charged USD 32.29. I tried to contact MJ but no help. I lost USD 113.

This company cheat people.


Their customer service SUCKS and they don't deserve to earn another *** dime from me. It's plain and simple, John.

Unplug your Magic Jack from the computer, smash it and then send the piece of *** back to the company, COD. Don't waste your time on those ***.


log_id (84244345): ORA-20099: Auth Failed: (oracle_magicjack:live) and nobody has any gumption enough to help


log_id (84244345): ORA-20099: Auth Failed: (oracle_magicjack:live) and nobody has any gumption enough to help


i have been trying to renew my subscription for 3 days and customer service just keeps disappearing after sending me to an email link that nobody answers to.

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