I was being charged twice for locking in my one year payment of $19.95 and everyone I spoke to said it was a "hold" from either the bank of credit card company. I have been with Magic Jack for a few years now and have never been charged twice.

They insist that I only have the one order on my account so I checked my bank statement again. I came across MAGICJACK.com Phone number 561-594-2140 FL and wanted to share it with everyone.

When I called the number it gave me 2 other numbers 561-594-9787 and 561-594-9925. Hope this helps!

Product or Service Mentioned: Magicjack Phone Service.

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Connot get right tech support from soft phone. The soft phone is not ringing. Also soft phone is no longer in the center screen.


I recived my bill to day, and very disappointed, you are charging me $324.19 and I was told it would be $69.00 plus 43.00 FOR

shiping. I haven even been able to get thing

connected up. and I was not to be charge until

after 30 days.I am not satified I am sending

this magicjack back. because I can not talk to

any one.so you can just credit my card.


ne secito contactar a alguien en servicio al clinte pues me han cobrado por renovar mi magic jack y no me aceptan las tarjetas y ya me hiciero muchos cobros y no se donde llamr para arreglar eto.gracias

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