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I purchased a magic jack and it did not work, there is no way to contact a real person so you have to go to chat, they convinced me to try another magic jack, and if i am not satisfied they would refund me,they gave me the information to return the magic jacks, I have returned both magick jacks, and they have charged me for the two, they have not refunded me, and every time i contact them i have to go over the whole story with every agent, and they act as if they do not know what is happening with my case.

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Chance of two MJ failed at the same time is less than one in a billion. Chanced of your Internet/PC set up is *** is close to 100%.

Did you take at least one MJ and try it on somebody else's machine? The answer is probably NO. There are thousands and thousands of people who use it successfully.

Your one lousy PC is not the universe. Because BOTH of them don't work, tells me that the problem is not MJ but your setup.