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Went on the MJ website. Ordered the free 30 day trial, opted out of extra shipping charge for faster shipping, got my MJ in 3 days...great right? Wrong.

They charged me immediately...not 39.99 but 48.80...when as the site says-WILL NOT BE BILLED FOR 30 DAYS. The device barely works at best, spent most of my time saying hello, what, and so on. the pigtail does not work at all. and if you don't register the device after 48 hours, you can't use the device for the last 28 days of trial period.

also, no return address, no phone number, no return shipping slip. I was able to get the phone number from my banks fraud department, dead end, only a looped message telling you to go to the website.

so, I'm out $50, not 39.99, had to close my bank account and check card, the Mj infected my mac book with spyware and will not uninstall. and i have a phone i bought to use this device that is useless now.

don't believe me, then go ahead and try for yourself...

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customer service phone number to magicjack is 281 404 1551 open 11am to 8pm i was on hold for 22min initially!


If sounds too good, run away from it. We should know by now how quick some want to get rich. I am happy, at least for noe, with SKYPE.

Powder Springs, Georgia, United States #237603

After many hours with "tech support" and their "Top 10 agent". It was revealed that it is outsourced to a company in the Philippines named "Kudo Support" (kudosupport-dot-com).

Interestingly enough the have a number in Indiana (317) area code on their contact page.

If you click the chat, you'll find it is the same people as MJ. Ask them a question about MJ, and they respond.


A. The magicjack has no spyware.

B. They are charging you for S&H & processing. They make their money back.

I bought a magicjack and new when I would be charged and how much right away.

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