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I have bought Magik Jack Plus, three years ago + a Canadian phone number. The second year (last year), I have renewed my MJP device, but not my phone number... Because I didn't use it at that time and I didn't care if I had to change number later.

This year after renewing my MJP device, I've decided to buy a Canadian phone number as well... So I've taken the chance that my old number would be still available, and place the order. Not long after, I've received an order confirmation for my old number... So surprisingly, it was still available.

A couple of days after, I've tried to call with my MJP device but my phone number didn't seem to be active in my account, so I've contacted the customer service, and talked with 3 persons...To finally learn that the reason why my phone number didn't work it's because they've chosen to apply my last week payment on LAST YEAR renewal instead of this year... Without me knowing. After explaining to the agent that I didn't want to renew last year... She responded "that the Canadian number must be renewed yearly to remain active. If it wasn't renewed, the number will be deactivated.

Me, I didn't care if my number was deactivated or not... I simply took the chance, this time, that the same number would be still be available... THAT'S IT. Why should I pay for last year as well, I could have taken another number just the same.

So I've ask the lady not to apply my last week payment on last year renewal, but instead I would simply take another number... But guess what ? There's no refund on phone number... So I'm stuck. If I want to keep old number, I have to pay again. And if I want a new number, I still have to pay again.

So now I have renewed my device, renewed my phone number... And I'm still incapable of doing a simple call... Isn't it wonderful?

Thank God, I had this reality check before using Magic Jack plus, with my new business... And before spending to much money.

So you know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Magicjack Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Okay let me try this again.

Have you tried going to the Magic Jack site, then go to bottom of the page and find Support FAQ click on it, once there in search tab type (Magic Jack Upgrade) click. Find the one that states (Upgrade Magic Jack Firmware) and install.

I had a problem like your and talking to their Tech. Support didn't help. They had not clue. So I looked around the FAQ page for awhile found that they had a new interface firmware upgrade.

If you are techie this easy to understand, but for novices computer user. Novice wouldn't understand and shouldn't be expect to understand, that the old interface won't work with the new firmware interface, because they are two different codes.

So they can't read each other.

Magic Jack at least needs to train their Tech. Support teach better at trouble shooting.

I do hope this is helpful to you.


Have you tried to go to there site look under Support FAQ, in search you type(Upgrade Magic Jet Plus). Until you do this it won't work. They have a newer interface firmware and they don't tell people.

Will here:

Hope this helps.