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Could never get past the final step of CREATE AN ACCOUNT - Step 10.

Everytime I cliked CREATE AN ACCOLUNT with all steps properly filled it would go back to Step 10 and blank out the field with the credit card #.

Spent 12 hours with their "technicians" doing all sorts of things, none of which worked. They eventually told me something was wrong with my computer. Took my brand new iMac back to Apple and they verified the computer worked perfectly.

Never one to easily give up took the MJ device back for a refund. I bought another one. Same hangup again on Step 10. Didn't bother contacting them for help again having already proven they were incompetent. I took the second MJ back for a refund.

Then I bought a third one and went to my friends place on hos Windows computer. The exact same problem again.

In conclusion ......... if you can complete registration and the device works, consider yourself lucky. I have no idea what percentage of their customers are unable to register but it must be high. The good news is it may be a blessing in disguise if you can't register because when something else goes wrong down the line, and according to thousands of complaints on line, you will likely get no satisfaction addressing other problems as well.

You will likely get no help from their chat/help service.

This company can be very bad news - I would advise to forget them completely.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Magicjack Cons: Read my review.

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You got further than I did. Couldn't even get past the initial registration phase.

Used a mac, couldn't "see" the magicjack via wifi. Followed the instructions to plug it directly into the USB port, got the error message "usb accessories disabled unplug the accessory using too much power to re-enable USB device". Identical issue on three different macs (2 laptops, 1 desktop). Waited for customer support open hours to call, only to get a message referring me to their online chat support (good luck finding that link quickly).

Finally got a chat support person named "Gustavo." I detailed every step I tried. He then thoughtfully suggested we try every step again. Fairly shocked to get the exact same outcome (he was obviously expecting something else to happen). This was his final message before he stopped communicating: "Thank you for waiting.

So we have two options left. The first one is that apple is blocking any type of third party application to be downloaded to your computer. Your next step will be to contact apple and have them remove the "third party download restriction" on your computer. After following the first step and the issue persist, please see if you can try to register the magicJack device on another computer that is not mac" Not sure how that is two options, but Apple is not blocking 3rd party downloads.

Just for kicks and giggles I confirmed this by taking the two laptops to the apple store and the "genius" at the genius bar confirmed. Maybe Vonage will be better...