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This company is nothing other than a joke. They should be shut down to prevent them from scamming anymore decent people.

Calls don't connect......EVER!!!! It's a piece of ***. I'm trying very hard to be nice and proper but it's simply not possible. DO NOT buy this garbage.

The customer support chat link does not work either, it keeps sending you in circles. There is NO support, no contact info, nothing. You buy it and you're screwed. SCAM, SCAM ,SCAM............

I cannot believe that the FCC would allow such a fraudulant company to operate. Product of the year????

My dog produces better products daily.

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Binz, Zurich, Switzerland #22673

I have been using the majic jack for 6 months. Great product.

If you can't make it work you are an ***.

I will never go back to paying monthly phone bills. GREAT PRODUCT!

Amstelveen, North Holland, Netherlands #21968


Kotsyubinskoye, Kyiv, Ukraine #21515

What the heck is everybody talking about??? I have had the magic jack for a few months now and havn't seen ANY problems! It works great!

However, I did purchase an MJ for my mom and I noticed many problems (like 50-60 sec. delays, etc.) BUT thats only because she has a very slow internet connection!!!!!

Like Bob said if you cant make the MJ work, something is seriously wrong with you! LOL

PS - I have tried the V-phone from Vonage, now that sucks! Its not compatible with wireless internet! Needless to say the Magic Jack works great with wireless internet!!!

Suquamish, Washington, United States #21458

Are you on crack? Seriously, if you can't figure this thing out you have bigger issues to worry about.

No issues here.

NONE. Have been using it for months.

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