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folks, if MagicJack has already abused you, file a FCC complaint against MagicJack

those who have not been abused yet, pls save this link. MagicJack will *** inevitably and pretty soon.

Pls stop them from abusing even more unsuspected victims

MagicJack products are made by VocalTec Ltd


I have bought and paid for 6 years of MagicJack Plus service because it advertised and included a call forwarding feature.

The MagicJack Plus forwarding feature had been discontinued. And without the call forwarding feature the product became useless to me.

I asked MagicJack customer support to either reinstate the feature or take back the useless product and refund my money. They refused both requests.

It is exactly like selling a car that can not move - useless.

Could you pls search the internet. There are thousands of people complaining about MagicJack products.

MagicJack products and VocalTec Ltd is one huge fraudulent scheme.

Pls stop them from abusing even more unsuspected victims

Review about: Magicjack Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Massachusetts, United States #922703

BEWARE: if you port your phone number to MagicJack you will go through *** to port it out to another provider. They will make up some "violation of terms" lie or something in order to freeze renewal and then hold your number hostage until the account expires.

Bell, Florida, United States #861257

I went an bought a new computer and had a laptop on hand . I turned on the new computer connected to WiFi and as soon as I did the magic jack popup came on and said click to download so I did as soon as I did it down loaded approximately 30 vireses and another popup came up and said I needed to call this number to complete the download so I did .we'll $300 and 15 hours of being on

The phone and computer with them I

Had to take my computers back to where I bought them to have them wiped and reprogrammed thanks MJ with a big FU


Your are absolutely correct.I just been through the same thing with Magic Jack.

It's nothing but a fraud.They took my money and disconnected my services and would not give me a refund.

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