To be fair, I have three MJ accounts. Recently I started to have troubles with one of them. I did some trouble shooting and fond out that the power supply for the MJ Plus was failing. Knowing I was going to *** away an hour or more of my time, I contacted them through the 'chat system'.

I went through their troubling shooting process after I told them what the problem was, and sure enough them came to the same conclusion; it was the power supply.

I expected Mae to say, "a new one is on its way" but no. What I got was, "send us the old one and when we test it and find it is bad, we will send you another one"..

I ask her what I was supposed to do with my phone being non functional during that time and she said I could go buy a USB power supply anywhere.

So my phone number won't work because my MJP isn't connected because the power supply that powers it is broken and a replacement isn't coming. What a business to be in. Hook um, get them to spend money, then don't fix it when it breaks.

Now why didn't I think of a business like that!

Review about: Magicjack Replacement.

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New York, New York, United States #873497

Buy a Belkin heavy duty three prong USB wall adaptor and you won't have a problem. Those cheap MJ and other two prong adaptors just get so hot and burn up.

Wallingford, Connecticut, United States #777460

I am on my second Magic Jack Plus which failed today, I believe because it runs hot to the touch they burn out after some time. I had to pay $14.00???

or so for my second one when the first one stopped working and I know they will charge me again because his one has failed as well. I dread having to call customer service. Overall I like this setup & price and I believe this company could be very successful if they ran it properly because the concept is great. What a shame their heads are in the sand!

Hopefully by the time my term is over, someone will start up a similar company with a product that lasts and a better customer service.

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