Middleport, Ohio
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The the quality sucks! It's full of static and I have had to end calls and call people back because they sound like robots.

It's horrible and I have wanted to run the thing over with my vehicle for a whole year now! I am glad I am finally rid of it and have a REAL phone. There have been many times when I cannot even use my phone because I have to go in and talk to customer service where they just give me a file to download for "update" or I have to restart my computer completely.

This thing needs an auto-update, but even then it's a horrible service. Don't waste the money!

Review about: Magicjack Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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Thanks to Majic jack i lost a great opportunity to work for great company. Tell your friends not to waste money on this scam!!


Magic Jack is a scam. it cost $40 to start.

the $69 to keep. and you can not pay 1 year at a time. you can not hear welland it messed up the sound on my computer.

And for b's like Jenny I get more out of life than critisizing other people about there spelling. GET A LIFE JENNY :eek




I Am A Magic Jack-A%* for buying one of these pieces of ***..................

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