MagicJack can be an attractive alternative to a land line, or a supplement to a cell phone. But be aware of the limitations before you buy. The device is unreliable and customer service is virtually non-existent. Also, MJ makes it's money on the add-ons, MJ+, changes to service, and extended subscriptions. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble/grief, consider the following:

* MJ requires high speed internet capable of streaming. Cellular/satellite internet users beware that MJ may be incompatible despite your connection speed. On dial-up? Forget it.

* The MJ+ does not work with network security features found in current DSL/Cable/routers. If you've purchased a MJ+ and get "error 42" or similar, just plug the MJ+ into your computer as you would for an MJ classic and be glad it's not a total loss. Otherwise, buy the MJ classic to begin with.

* The MJ device is prone to failure over extended periods. Stick to the one year subscription and just buy a new device every year. I'm on my second year with my current MJ, but am reluctant to push it a third year. Even at $40 for the MJ classic, it's still a good deal, anbd the old devices make great Xmas tree ornaments ;u).

* If your MJ does *** out in the middle of a subscription, you can forward the calls from that MJ to another phone number. A good thing to do a month or so ahead of transitioning from an old MJ to a new one.

* If you come to an impasse, think of your defective MJ as a $40 disposable lighter. If it helps, take it with you next time your out on the golf course and tee up. Or better yet give it to your abusive boss as a gift.

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Phil Suarez - Thank You Meridith for the absolutely beutaiful pictures. We are thrilled with the photos and need extra time trying to decide which ones to choose!

So many are just perfect! Thanks again!


Your right that was funny and it isn't that bad for 40.00 a year for a new one and new subscription if it works for you.

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