I have the magic jack now and so does my dad. His phone works pretty well but mine is ***!

I have it hooked up to my laptop on wireless. Whenever I pick up the phone, it is choppy and breaks up worse than a cell phone. In order to make it sound half-way decent, I have to hook directly to my modem which does nothing for me because I have a router for a reason.

Now I have to get a real home phone for service because this one is very crappy! Unless you plan on using directly with the modem, I don't recommend it.

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I just received the magic jack i ordered and it works real well with my laptop. It's so easy to install and i'm very satisfied with this product. I highly recommend it.

Irrigon, Oregon, United States #53935

Are you sure you have enough bandwidth with your wireless connection? Or how about processing power on your laptop?

If you don't have enough bandwidth for your Internet connection or your laptop is too slow, then don't expect magic. MJ is an electronic device not a freaking magician.

Try your MJ on a fast desktop computer with cable modem and see how it performs. If it still doesn't work, then you can complain.

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