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Bought it after a friend recommended it!

I made the mistake of paying for my MagicJack plus 2014 in Cash, bought it from Future shop Canada.

After setting it up it would do calls of an acceptable quality from the device but will not make any calls from the apps! Also it would not register an inbound US or Canadian number even after charging an additional $10.78 to my credit card, not to mention the numerous $1 charges for every "failed" registration process. The online checkout is buggy and does not display the correct message, it does not tell you whether your transaction has been successful or not. have spent around 2 to 3 hours chatting to their service agents, who could not fix the issue or give me the correct information, and after following their "wrong" instructions, MagicJack suspended my account and the agent told me "it is under review" and we will get back to you by e-mail within a day or two.

I have been waiting for over 2 weeks for those agents to contact me back (as promised) , and they did not. I contacted them twice since then and still no one got back to me. Having a live chat only and no e-mail support or online ticketing system shows they are not committed to after sale service.

Worst service ever! Too bad I can not do a credit card dispute for the $70 I paid for the device.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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