Since so many Magic Jack users are on this site - I thought I would ask???? Can this device send and/or receive faxes???? IS the signal strong enough and reliable? I live in the city with good tower coverage.

I have not seen a mention of that in the comments. I only do 2 or 3 faxes a month so this would be a bonus to not have to run to Staples and use my 3 in 1 (as designed)

Planning on buying Magic Jack to replace the pre-paid minutes phone we currently use as a back-up in the house

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I bought the MJ just for faxing, did work so great. Worked about 50% of the time.

But I have been told this is true for all VOIP.

Kept it to use for long distance for my company. Saves a couple of hundred dollars every month.


I used to be able to fax now no matter what I do it won't work. Am cancelling my MJ because that is the main reason I got it.


I was able to send faxes via majic jack from a stand alone fax machine (Brother intellifax 1770) but not able tosend it via the modem in the computer the magic jack is connected to, I think it was trying to do it too fast. i get a "not enough memory" message which is not a possibility on this computer. I suppose there is a resource conflict in accessing both devices simultaneously but as I said it works with the regular fax machine.


lk is correct you cannot fax no matter what MJ tells you to do to corrct the problem.


I was NOT able to send a fax through the magic jack. I tried about 12 times trying different fax settings per the suggestions in the FAQ on the official Magic Jack website.

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