I ordered 3 magic jacks, 2 broke & I wanted replacements, they charged my bank card. I did NOT regive them my bank info, they kept it on file, which I was not aware of!

I believe that is fraud, I was also charged an overdraft fee that I believe they are responsible for. I am going to report this to the attorney general, the better business bureau, & anyone else that will listen. I am disabled, raising my granddaughter who is 5 years old.

I don't need anyone to rip me off at all. I tried to talk to a live person, none was ever available, even though they have a smiley face that states live representative available 24/7, & they are not!

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Be careful about leaving your magic jack unattended because the account is not pass woord protected.anyone with access to your computer while the magic jack is connected can charge international minutes to your credit card. i tried contacting magic jack and they dont know how to fix the problem so that the account is pass word protected. thay are all idiots.

Jena, Thuringen, Germany #50266

You can buy a Magic Jack at Best Buy and other big box retailers. Don't buy it online, go to the store.

I have a MJ that I bought at Best Buy, no problems and works great, but if it should fail you bet Best Buy is gonna get it back.

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