My mom bought this to try it out and save money. After purchasing it and installing it she has had nothing but problems!!!

It says a 100% money back guarantee but yet after calling the customer service number we were told that they would NOT honor that money back guarantee. They even went so far as to hang up on me when I was being polite and courteous. She is now stuck with no home phone and out the cost of the product.

After dealing with her situation for the past 2 weeks I would NOT recommend this product to anyone. I am military and have had people ask me about this product and I will let the military community know what a hassle it has been and how rude and disrespectful the customer service is when dealing with this company!

Review about: Magicjack Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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Where did you find a CS number and what is it?


Have you tried disputing with your credit card company IF you paid w/a credit card company, in order to get your money back. Had this issue w/metro pcs, where i had no service for a month, no one could see that i paid, but my credit card company could definitely see.

I disputed and thank God I won, I actually love my credit card company, those guys are awesome! they are super courteous and generally seem to ALWAYS have my back! I would reccomend to anyone. That's a shame cuz i was thinking of getting magic jack.

feeling steered away from it. and yes, i've dealt w/companies you can't reach by phone too, that's how they keep their money. SO, it might be another letter or call i'll have to make to my credit card company too, since i paid for an item and never received it by mail.

people are such scammers, it's a shame. good luck.


Time for a class action suit

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