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Magic Jack is the worst product. They would not refund my money for the insurance and the $10.00 extra that I paid on my credit card.

The phone was all distorted and could not understand what anyone was saying. The box only said that you needed high speed internet. I have Hughes Net internet. When I called customer service they said that the MJ does not work with Dish or Directv.

I asked for a refund they told me they do not offer refunds and that I lost my money. They ended up hanging up on me because they didn't want to listen to my complaint.I did receive my money back when I took the MJ back to the store that I purchased it at.

Majic Jack is the worst company ever. Do not buy the Majic Jack.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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We have had MajicJack for a couple of years and we have not had any problems with the sevice and do not have to pay ATT for the priviledge of their aservic anymore!!!! :grin


Magic jack does work. you need DSL, broadband or CABLE high speed internet.

it's easy to install. I have it and love it so far. saves tons of money.

Screw verizon and all of those phone companies spreading lies and propaganda!

I love it so far!!!


OOoops! Magic Jack = Magic Junk


Read my complaint & the comments here @ Magic Jac - Magic Junk


Have cable lite internet. MJ ranges from clear as a bell to breaking up distorted. I'm guessing it's when the internet line I'm on is busy it sounds the worst.


Need a free conference call service that willa MJ or MJ will allow. MJ will not allow service. any help here


looking at buying magic jack,I live in Canada does it work up here. Thanks


looking at buying magic jack,I live in Canada does it work up here. thanks


My friend has a fiancee in Iraq who purchased a MagicJack with a Louisiana area code. He has a laptop in his barracks in Iraq where the MagicJack is plugged in.

They call each other - free of charge - and talk every day. What a way to go to war!

My son and his wife visited her family in Mexico recently for Christmas. They purchased a MagicJack to give to her sister and brother-in-law in Mexico City. The MagicJack has a Texas area code.

They are also purchasing these for her sister and family in Saltillo, Monterey and Queretaro. This will allow the purchase of 5 jacks for a little over $100.00 which will allow her Mexican family (all of them) to call both by daughter-in-law and son, as well as her other sister who lives in Texas and has one and vice-versa. It will also allow all the family in Mexico to call each other without any further charges. Who cares if there is a little distortion occasionally.

I recently, during the holidays, had a call from my son on the jack in Mexico City - called me in Arkansas - we talked 30 minutes which would have been an expensive call - more than the Magic Jack cost to purchase - if it had been through our regular phone service. I am purchasing one for my household and it will allow me to reduce the bells and whistles that I pay through the nose for on my cell phone as well as allowing me to cancel my $65.00 a month home phone service. This is a huge savings to me. If it occasionally drops a call (hasn't happened to us yet!) so what!

I am 61 years old and come from an era of party lines and exhorbitant long distance calls to keep up with my family and friends all around the country.

I think the MagicJack is amazing and I hope the person who invented it makes a large fortune. What a wonderful idea.


I'm interested in getting a majic jack just to use as an addional fax line. I have AT&T for home, DSL on the computer and Dish network for the TV. What do you think my chances are of getting this to work just on the fax/printer?


So. You're using your credit card without realizing you have the power to dispute ANY charge!!

I guess there's no cure for ***.


Satellite is not true duplex (signals going both directions at the same time). There are also latency issues with satellite, it takes a while for the signal to go to the satellite and back to ground again, then back the other way for an answer. Makes perfect sense to me.


I have used it for over a year and experienced some distortion. I had to have my laptop repaired recently and when I installed my magic jack it wouldn't work.

I got online with their chat line and their tech walked me through the installation and it works better than ever. There is no distortion. The tech was very patient and helpful.

I highly recommend it. It works very well when I am traveling.


I have used it for a few months now and have had no problems. If you use satellite, your not getting true highspeed access.


Friends that have Magic Jack say their happy with it. So I'm getting rid of my $77.

a month bill from Bell South, and getting Magic Jack. All you who don't like it, pay for the phone company's bonuses!


any retarded *** knows satellite dish provides poor substandard internet service at best. you were a fool to think magic jack would even work at all.

your complaint is silly and unfounded. get a real internet service provider.


I have used magic jack for nearly a year. I have qwest dsl, i understand comcast is okay as well or some other equivalent. The phone is important as well use a phone with at least 5.8 gigahertz or better for background noise. Go to your internet provider and find out what phones don't work with their service and go out and buy one that works. I spent $80 for two, one charges while the other is in use.

I can normally speak about 4 hrs before I drop a call.

If you want to renew your subscription do not use internet browser to access magicjack. I used mozilla firefox when I wanted to renew and it worked fine.

Magic Jack saves me about $500 per year and another $300 in cell phone usuage.

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