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We purchased a 5-year Magic Jack subscription on E-Bay. We registered the purchase on Magic Jack's website.

After 3 months, our phone service was mysteriously interrupted. There is no phone number provided to contact customer support, so contact was made via "Live Chat". We were informed our account was 'under review'. The reason given to us for the review was that all accounts must undergo random periodic reviews, the length of time for the review was estimated to be one week during which time we would have no phone service.

We were a start up company and had already used the number on business cards and advertising pamphlets. Although we explained our predicament to Magic Jack via our chat sessions and offered to purchase an additional subscription if only we could keep our number, they would not directly respond to the requests. Several different chat sessions resulted in the same outcome - we never received a reply from anyone at Magic Jack regarding the resaon for the review or the possibility of continuing the use of our phone number. We were not given a phone number so we could speak directly with an agent.

We were forced to contract with a new phone service and print new business cards and brochures. During the ensuing two week down time, we discovered several referred companies had tried to contact us for services and were turned off by the disconnected phone line. We lost business as well as the cost of our original purchase and No One ever bothered to contact us again.

Stole our money, lost us potential customers, non-existant customer service. Don't be ripped off - do not buy this service!

Review about: Magicjack Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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we just shut down through the whole computer and i was still getting help from agent Hazel but the computer blanked out


MagicJack is not a good company to deal with. They make bad decisions on a semi-regular basis. Like you apparently did for your business. For anyone else reading this: It's not a good idea to buy a phone device off Ebay, use your device in a business, print the phone number on everything BEFORE really checking into it.

It was against the terms of service for the person to sell you his MJ device. He was not legally able to do so. If you have suffered damages, I would get in contact with the person who sold you something when they were not allowed to.

And also for anyone else thinking of using it in a business. I love it, it has saved me money. But that is in a personal use environment. I can tell my brother that I need to call him back because the call quality suddenly became ***. Not a good idea with an important client prospect. Also their terms of service have limits on the amount of usage and the amount of different numbers you can call in a day, and they have shut the service off for that reason. Again, not a good idea for a business phone.

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