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My Magicjack perpetually drops calls right in the middle of a call. It frequently takes me 5 - 7 minutes to reach the correct party - then the call goes dead and I get an echo in my phone.

I have gone on line with the Magicjack Tech Reps numerous times and spent sometimes an hour or more going through suggested "fixes." The problem continues. They cannot provide me an address or e-mail where I can address the problem. I love my Magicjack WHEN IT WORKS.

But the perpetual dropped calls and inability to get them fixed are driving me nuts! Who can fix this problem?

Product or Service Mentioned: Magicjack Phone Service.

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am trying to have call using my magicjack and when other parties will received my call it automatically hold and put into mode of "pending ACK" .. am looking for a solution for this matter. thank you


I had that problem and it turned out too be the SYMANTECH ANTIVIRUS. I shut it down, actually REMOVED IT, and the mj worked excellent but running background programs really do affect it.


My Mj drops calls exactly 3 min into every conversation, and to make things worse their customer service has no fix for this problem. Way to go Magic Jack wish you were a public company I would short the *** out of your stock.


MJ support computer connected directly to cable modem works, connected through Linksys WRT54GL router (cat5 cable) fails to handle outgoing calls. MJ status is Pending ACK with a timer running.

At 30s the call is disconnected. Spent 5 hours with various tech support, mostly MJ. MJ tech said I had to "put ports 5060 and 5070 in the router" Suspect meant allow forwarding for those ports. Called Linksys support and did that.

Checked that the ports were open using PFPortChecker.exe Still had the problem after reboots so called MJ tech support again. New tech had me punch 5 more holes in my firewall. Problem still persisted. MJ seems to be blocking TCP port 443 but all others were punched through.

Finally Al of MJ (7th or 8th tech from MJ) opened an issue with the MJ engineering group and promised a callback via email. He had me revert to original router and soft firewall/av config. Along the way MJ techsupport said variously, call your ISP and have them fix the problem, call Linksys and have them fix the problem, reload the MJ upgrade (twice), turn off your antivirus and soft firewall, and too many other shots in the dark to remember. Fact is the ISP call had been made before I called MJ and they found the problem went away when I connected direct, without the router.

The router folks helped me set up the forwarding the first time and I did it myself on subsequet requests. The MJ tech support did not make a single useful or successful suggestion and were largly ineffective.


Sometimes people have to call me back 3 & 4 times in one conversation as the calls are constantly dropped, does anyone know what is causing this problem?

Otherwise I like the MJ but if t his problem continues I may be forced to move on.


My Magic Jack problem is, all incomming calls dropp of within 30 seconds. No problems regarding out going calls.

Can't get help from the co.

Any sugestions?


It did the same thing I took it to work and tried at on a T1 backbone of my network at the college I work for, this thing is junk, and your tech support is a joke, too I am sitting here waiting on 2nd level support, and they are trying to tell me that my PC does not have enogh RAM, how is 8gig of RAM and 1 TB not enough to run the MJ, and it will not work on my home or work network, sounds to me like they will do anything but admint that the MJ is junk. J


same problem as the guy above.

I also tried on multiple computers at friends house. calls drop.


i have the same problem. tried it on 2 computers and the calls dropped again.


I read in the other post that some wireless handsets can cause the problems you described. Try using a plain old telephone with wire instead. This is what I would recommend to any MJ user when you start out with MJ:

1) Connect your computer directly to the Internet source. No router!!!

2) Make sure you have enough RAM and disk space. If you max out on your hard drive, you're asking for trouble when the operating system tries to swap out your memory. Don't run other programs in the background while testing out MJ.

3) Use plain old telephone with hard wired to MJ. No cordless phone.

If you do the followings, you will improve the chance of MJ working correctly the first time.

Then you will be able to isolate the problem when you start making changes to the initial configuration.


It's either not enough bandwidth for your Internet connection. Or you don't have enough memory and try to run other programs at the same time.

Try your MJ on a friend or neighbor's machine who has fast Internet and fast machine. If it works, then you know that your setup is a piece of *** If still have problem on other machineS, then MJ is the problem.

Chances are it will work just fine on somebody else's machine. Good luck.