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My Magicjack perpetually drops calls right in the middle of a call. It frequently takes me 5 - 7 minutes to reach the correct party - then the call goes dead and I get an echo in my phone.

I have gone on line with the Magicjack Tech Reps numerous times and spent sometimes an hour or more going through suggested "fixes." The problem continues. They cannot provide me an address or e-mail where I can address the problem. I love my Magicjack WHEN IT WORKS.

But the perpetual dropped calls and inability to get them fixed are driving me nuts! Who can fix this problem?

Product or Service Mentioned: Magicjack Phone Service.

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Same here. I'm good for 2-3 minutes and then boom, cuts me off.

They canNOT tell me they can't fix this. I would bet money they can.

Either way, as soon as I can I'm going with another service. This is useless.


I cannot make calls either. I'm cutting my losses.

This is an inferior-grade product. It simply does not work!


This has happened to me as well. No dropped calls for a year, and in March the dropping started.

I've switched adapters, cords, phones(actually tried a corded phone too), switched outlets, Netgear ports, and still dropping.

Comcast internet check revealed no issues. Frustrated Majic Jack customer.


I have several magic jacks - using two at all times as landlines - one of them has a drop of a few seconds at the beginning of each call but I got used to it. Problem is with MagicApp on Android for the same numbers - calls are dropped consistently after approx 2-3 minutes, for about one full minute and the cycle keeps repeating so the app can only be used for very short calls.

This is happening on 2 different numbers, different cell phones, different carriers, regardless of data plan or wifi present or not. I used Magic Jack for more than 10 years but unless they suddenly raise the quality of their services it is time to move on.

Price for full US&C long distance plans on cell phones dropped drastically and it is MagicJack is not so attractive anymore, especially with poor quality service. International calling rates with MagicJack are a joke - 3-10-20 times more than I pay calling directly from my cell...


same problem here with two magic jacks at different houses


MJ drop call? Check your internet provider.

It might be intermittent on your IPS.

It could happen for few seconds. There is no pattern.


Magic Jack sucks and they know it. Can only chat with them online.

No phone number to get to a live person.

If you chat with them eventually they will take your number and promise to call you back but they won't. Only use Magic Jack for quick calls (7minutes).


I just got my magicJack Go and calls are dropping after 15 minutes. When I reconnect, calls drop after approx 5-7 minutes.

This is very frustrating. I think I will reinstall my old MagicJack Plus. It did not drop calls but it disconnected from my new modem. MagicJack personnel told me that MagicJack Go was way better, therefore I purchased one.

Looks like a selling tactic. Will also be looking into a different VOIP, possibly NETTALK.


My Magic Jack worked great for years , but now all my calls get dropped. It could happen at 2 minutes or 20 minutes.

Typing messages back and forth to the customer service people got me nowhere. I then paid $10 extra a year to talk to a live person. They had me track my calls and note when the calls got dropped. I supplied all that information to MJ a month ago and nothing got fixed.

I'm paid up for another three years, but I have given up and just started using my cell phone for everything. The company is probably headed down the tubes as I can't remember the last time I saw a TV ad for MJ.


Having same problem with my Magic jack Go as of day one, over a month ago. Contacted tech support numerous times, and problem is still there. Thinking about buying an Ooma which is on sale this weekend at Best buys,


Consumer feedback is also pretty negative for Ooma.


I am having same problem. I am also having problems with people not being able to make calls to me with my magic jack.


I've had similar problems. I know exactly what's going on.

The time limit for magicjack calls during the day is 15 minutes as of 3/3/2016.

The limit at night is 4 hours.

But don't believe me. Test it yourself. Follow these steps.

1. Disconnect your phone from the MJ.

2. Connect your MJ to your computer.

2. Make sure you can make a MJ call from your computer. 3.

Now call your MJ from your cell phone. 4. Later when the call disconnects, check the call log on your cell phone to see how long the connection stayed up. Note 1: Some phones draw more power from the MJ than others.

Drawing too much power from the MJ can cause a call to be dropped, or even burn out the MJ. I've done it. Note 2: If you try to connect multiple phones to your MJ, you'll burn it out. Note 3: If you want to connect the MJ to your house's phone wiring, you'll have to make a special patch cord.

A normal patch cord switches the red and green wires between the two ends.

You need a patch cord that goes straight through: red to red, green to green. Using a standard patch cord between the house wiring and your MJ will burn out the MJ.


The subscription cost is not worth the service. Magic Jacks SUCKS !!!!!

I haven't been able to use my service in several monthe....Dropped calls. The other party can hear me but I can't hear them. NO help from Magic Jack..I've been a subscriber for the past 5 years and only until several months ago I never had a problem with MJ...

I will not renew my subscription unless these problems can be fixed.... and fixed soon..


I had the same problem, the calls would drop after approximately 5 minutes. MJ technical support could not fix the problem, however I noticed that if I did not dial the number directly, instead I selected the number stored in my MJ contact list, select send and NO DROPPED CALLS. Hope this works for you.


Jocelyne, I have had the same problems of my calls being dropped regardless of dialing from the number pad or choosing the number stored in my MJ contact list. I have had magicjack over 7 years, the strange thing is, I had no problems till about a month ago, then I had to renew it so I chose 3 years extension, then the problem started.

Exactly 7 minutes after any calls I make or receive, it goes dead. I need to get a new VOIP for I work abroad a lot and maintain my contacts in the states.


Exactly how do I fix the "PENDING ACK" problem. My MJ works Okay when I call a cell phone, but it stops working properly when I try calling a land line/home phone.


Majic Jack is providing a cost effective service that many (needless to say who) do not wish MJ to succeed;

There is little interest by service providers to make MJ calls without a problem.

A lot of money is on the line, they have been milking the public for ages and MJ is starting to show a potential dent in their revenues.

Needless to say MJ use is not supported to say the least.

Talk with your service provider e.g. BELL or Rogers; afterall they are in the home phone bussiness and really want you to use MJ

Need I say more.


Re: MagicJack dropping calls. We had the same problem where a call would normall last 5 minutes and then drop.

Called Tech Support and they made me add port 5060 & 5070 and change a number of settings...nothing worked.

We downloaded and upgraded the firmware for our Belkin type G wireless router and added port 5060 & 5070 to the windows I just spoke for 29 minutes without it dropping the call. GREAT PHONE!


Been having the dropped calls after an upgrade, got a hold of their online tech support and after the second call, got it fixed. Turns out it was not MJ fault but the firewall not giving full access.

Many of your problems will stem from your Firewall or antivirus programs. After the problems I have had I still love MJ, hey $20 a year.