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Transcript from MJ. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! They charged me to port my number back AND I prepaid until 2019 and they would not let me use that prepay for another phone line.

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Jay: Hello, how may I help you?

Jay: Hi there Lisa.

Lisa: Hi

Jay: Hi there.

Jay: May I know the exact nature of your problem with full details please?

Lisa: I have MJ and will be switching to Comcast for phone service. Can I use the MJ for another line that I have?

Jay: You mean you want to use the service of the other device?

Lisa: I am porting my current number to Comcast and would like to use that magic jack to port another phone line to Magic Jack.

Jay: I see. Let me check if possible.

Lisa: ok

Jay: Thanks.

Jay: In order to transfer a number on your magicJack to a new provider, eligible requests should be initiated by your new service provider, who will coordinate the transfer. When we receive the request we will Email you. A fee of $30.00 applies. Also, if this process will be completed, the magicJack device will be deactivated and you need to add a new phone number on it to be active again. And, with the request you want to happen which is to transfer the remaining service from the magicJack (which will be ported out) to another magicJack you have in account is not possible to happen as of the moment. But need not to worry, to help you with this, I will make a report and we will send it to our upper management so they can look into this. How about that?

Lisa: So to port my number from magic jack to another provider, MJ charges $30.00?

Jay: Yes that is correct and this is also part of our Subscriber Agreement for Products and Services.

Lisa: I have ported before between other providers and never been charged before. I have had this number for over 25 years

Lisa: I have also prepaid my MJ and may not be able to use that for another line?

Jay: Yes that is correct. But since you port In that phone number to magicJack, the new owner of the phone number is magicJack and it is also part of our rule that you agreed during registration.

Jay: Yes you cannot use the prepaid minutes to another device because prepaid minutes is a non-transferable service in magicJack.

Lisa: Wow, I didn't see that when I took out MJ. I am using 3 right now. That really is deceptive since its not common practice.

Lisa: So how is magic jack going to get the $30.00?

Jay: I do understand the situation here Lisa and I am just saying the procedure for this process.

Jay: magicJack is not responsible for that amount, this is part of the process based on the porting department.

Lisa: So I have prepaid and can't use it for another line.....and need to buy back my phone number. This seems very wrong.

Jay: Understood. But we cannot change the processing rule for porting out request you want to happen, Lisa.

Lisa: Yes, that's true, but I can certainly make sure people are aware of this policy since no other carrier does that. Also I can cancel my other magic jacks when they are expired. I will not renew. I think this is really bad practice. I understand you just work for the company but feel this is wrong on every level.

Lisa: So just to be clear, I will not be able to use the magic jack I have already prepaid for on another line?

Jay: Yes I am accepting your comment about the porting out amount. I am also a consumer, and I know how it feel. I hope you do understand the situation.

Jay: Yes you cannot use it with another line.

Lisa: Ok, just want to make that clear. I am going to copy and paste this entire conversation and begin posting it on reviews for MJ so other people will understand this deceptive process and make sure they do not pay in advance in case they need to switch out. Thank you for your assistance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Just as I thought, MJ Business sucks. All your comments have confirmed my suspicions...


If anyone runs into this again, just ignore Magic Jacks request for payment, port the number anyways. FCC regulations require Magic Jack to honor the request.

I've done it. Per FCC rules, you have to port the number before service runs out.


This company is so unbelievable. They have a series of questions to try to maneuver people to say they were signed up for a service or didn't cancel.

They know full well what they are doing.

They want to Their integrity is *** Any company that does this to people should be shut right down. Onto the Attorney General I go.


Had a similar problem with majicjack. Tried to find resolve but to no avail.

They are really a bad company with a good business model.

Horrible company with bad customer service. I still have their service and hate them every time I use my phone.


very helpful


It's written right in their regulations that there's a fee. I think just people don't like to read other company's rules.

You never know what's behind things.

I am an owner of a company and it's amazing how people just think we are filthy rich, or can just do anything. It makes entrepreneurship rather trying sometimes


Well u can go to u know where then. Its dont cost u anything to port out a line.

I understand if it cost u and that cost need to be pass. But not $30.

U just dont want to lose customers. Try better customers service and quality products.


Callate la pinche boca, as a acompany you have to explain the details of a contract to a client when they are signing any type of contract especially those details that you know that could be deceptive. This *** mj company is a *** joke. I assume that is how your company runs as well.


If you sell a product you should stand behind it if it breaks down you should fix it if it's warranted you should honor it no hidden fees charge for a service Collective charge let the people be happy with the product not a bunch bunch of literature that somebody should have to read just so they can use your product


I to have been trying for 14 days to have them port out my number, I have paid them $37.53 to have the number active so they can port is what I was told... BEWARE BEWARE!!!!!!


I too am having the same problem. And I also am paid on MJ for a couple years.

What a rip off company!!! I asm NOT going to pay the $35.00 and see what happens.


I also faced trying to port my number that I've had for 42 years back to my previous provider and was told it would cost $30. They didn't even mention anything about not being able to use the magic jack anymore.

I emailed the company to let them know that the FCC says a company can't refuse to port your number out if you do not pay the fee. They responded and said I could request a port again and when the link came for paying them, I should skip the credit card payment and the port would be completed. But the $30 fee would be added to my account and I would not be able to use my magic jack until that fee was paid. I have not tried that process yet.

I just set forwarding on and when someone calls me, it gets forwarded to the new number from my current provider. Works fine and no need to change my number.