Bend, Oregon
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A few years back i used the magic jack,i had no issues, i thought why don't more people use this? Clear calls,no charge,etc.

So now 3-4 years later i went back to magic jack....I could not get it to connect no matter what i did,they would not pick up the phone but now this time they want you to pay $12.00 to get the concierge service to be gauranteed a person will pick up the phone,then they say here's another way to activate your phone,sign up for the online App,and then you can cancel that and just use the phone as before, but they will not accept my password, which is enough characters,etc. the app keeps saying not enough characters, so i make it stronger,nothing,i truly think they rig it so you have to call them,well okay, but they wont answer the phone,so then one day i said ill give it one more try, and wow a dial tone, i quickly called my friend, she said you finally got it connected, i asked her what the phone # was that came up ?Great i thought, but then and still it goes back to no dial tone,no phone use, cant set up app,cant sign in even with the new # no one will pick up phone,like groundhogs day...what the ____ has happened to magic jack ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Magicjack Phone Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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