I renewed my account for the 5 years paid $118.26 back in March.A week later, I notice my phone was not working, I assumed they must not have activated my account let me contact them.

Find out you have to chat with them online to file a claim, no phone number to contact. Ok, they ask me a series of questions, is the blue light on the device, yes, where is it pulled into, the phone. Please remove and pull into your computer. Ok, click on this link, to verify that it is updated, done.

Let me transfer you to one of our top 10% best agents to further assist you. Ok, we will send you out a replacement device, oh, wait, your account is under review. After several conversations later I told them this.

As consumers we have the right to take our business else where when the service does not meet our expectations. I have been dealing with this problem for over almost 4 months.

Different people have run different diagnostic checks, downloaded different things, gave them my device number, etc. They says okay we will send you a new device. Oh, what is this, your account is under review, so we can not do anything because we must wait for this to be cleared. Oh, how long will this take, no one knows for certain how long it takes they will contact you by email.

What is your email, blah, blah, ok, I will personally look into this for you. Hold on while I transfer you to one of our top agents to further assist you. But what NOTHING HAPPENS.

If you have access to see how may times I have contact you all about this problem, it's more than a dozen.I have call the billing department, they say nothing is wrong with your account, but when I ask an agent, oh, this is under review.Then nothing happens.

Review about: Magicjack Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $118.

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Same runaround. Paid my renewal & upgrade. Got charged for two phones for a full year when I only had one. NO NO NO REFUNDS!

Upgraded from MJ reg. to MJ Plus...that never worked well. Renewed

after another year...Paid, worked for about 1 week...then zip. zip.

Lots of time in next 4 days...spent 10 hours on phone with many tech, referred refferrred reffered. out of time.

The only way to get your money back on non working stuff...is thru your Credit Card company & bank............


Same exact thing happened to me. Right after renewing the service for 5-year , my device stopped working. I called MJ, got some useless instructions (blue light, remove device and replace it again, etc), got transferred to one of the top 10% agent, found out that my account is under review and that I cannot get a replacement device until the review process is over.

I asked the agent about who performs this review and why. Her response was that it is being reviewed by the 'right department' and they don't know why.

I have been having this problem for almost two months now :( :(

London, Ontario, Canada #705471

I have the exact same problem for 6 months... All lies.

I have initiated a class action lawsuit against MagicJack already.

My lawyers are more than willing to take this case as they are seeing a very good potential for success in this case.

I'll be opening up a website forums called www.fuckmagicjack.com for the angry customers who are getting screwed by them.

Please contact me via that website for further updates.


to Lex #758119

thanks.we need more of that.

I woulda done it, but I wouldn't even know how to begin...

It's important for US to talk to each other....& not let these companies hurt even more people...It's like being robbed....the phone companies are the worst.

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