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I get dropped called, or unable to make phone calls on a weekly basis. The longest time I have stay on their customer service is 5 hours, and the problem was still not resolved until days later.

their customer service sucks. and are uncapable of advanced issues. When I started to express my frustration they either drop me off their online chat (so I have to start over again, or they transfer me to a "higher" technician. Their techniues NEVER worked, I end up learning how to fix my MJ better than they do!

But they waste my time everytime when my MJ fails. I even start to do web design and chat with them at the same time now, because they are so slow, and I can't get no work done if I just sit their and wait for their magic to happend. Which it will not!

Switch to a cell phone or a land line and save your self some strss... This is even wasting my time to write this. but they need to stop selling those boken usb thing they called it "Magic Jack"! please!

Product or Service Mentioned: Magicjack Phone Service.

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magic jack is a scam . I will be posting that all over the city untill I receive my money back.

Join me in making a point not to let others get riped off. :zzz :cry


:( I am not happy with my magic jack. I tried to lisen to my voice mail ant it cutts out on me real bad that I can't under stand what the message is.

Also does it when I make a phone call. I think Magic Jack is doing false advertiesment.

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