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Biggest piece of junk you will ever purchase. The whole story is a 'scam' but big time. Hopefully the FCC will shut them down and take all the money they have stolen from everyone they sold to. It is impossible to contact someone to complain to. There are so many problems with this garbage. It never works correctly like a land line. Just getting it start on the computer everyday is a major hassle. You lose calls, you can hear the other party but they cannot hear you and vice versa. Many more problems, reception is terrible at times. Most of all they tell you on their site that you can speak with someone about the issues. Try it and good luck to you.
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Magicjack Phone Service

Magic Jack Scam | Magicjack review from Virginia Beach, Virginia

We tried Magic Jack for the free 30 day trial (free.... lol). Even when it was working, there was at least a 30-60 second delay on outgoing calls, as well as incoming... you answer the phone and hear nothing (on the callers end it is still ringing, even though you have picked up). Then it just stopped working altogether. Don't even get me started on customer service, what customer service? When we did get a live chat tech, we went back and forth for hours, with 0 resolve. We finally returned the device, with in our 30 days, so not to be charged the $50. We got delivery confirmation to prove when they received the magic jack back, and we know they received it. Well, they still charged our bank account for $50. They got their product back and our $50, that is where the scam comes in! I called my bank, and they advised us to file a dispute once the charge clears (its still a pending transaction right now). Hopefully we will get our money back that way. Magic Jack robbed us!!
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I've been using magic jack since 2010. It works just fine it is not a rip off.

Stop trying to get stuff for free. Don't do the free trial and they won't be able to take your money. Go to walmart and by it, then if you don't like it you can just return it and stop whining. Yes the customer service sucks.

but your only paying thirty a year. I've never had a home phone bill less the 80 a month and that was bare bones...


I have been with the Magic Jack since 2006. It had been good untill now after ported my number last year.

they charged 19.95 plus tax came to around $22. They didnot say has a $10 yearly to keep your ported number and when you deport your old number to other carrier for $30 charge at that time. I have a balance long distance of $0.68 in my account for many years now they took my balance without tell me. I have two lines of magic my account good till 2014.

Now they changed the regular jack plan.I have my number forwarded but now I can not unforward the number.I have a OOMA also. My advice DON"T port your number to magic Jack..Port it to GOOGLE Vioce.

Is magic jack ripoff people? I say yes.


Been using MagicJack since early 2011 with only minor issues all mirroring some of the things mentioned on this thread. I was, however, able to call into conference calls that were either scheduled by me or were issued to me by clients.

Today I call into a conference call, and a robo-voice tells me that to call into conference calls, I need to PURCHASE PRE-PAID MINUTES!!

Turns out these vampires changed the terms of service in the dark of night. I pre-purchased five years of service from these theives, for which they will offer no refund.

You can't call into conference calls with a MagicJack, unless you want to pay extra to do it. Caveat Emptor


Magic Jack needs to jack up their service!

If you want an example of worst customer service then look no further! If you have a Magic Jack Plus DO NOT INSTALL THE LATEST SOFTWARE FROM THEIR SITE!


Their customer service must be from some 3rd world country that does not understand English!!

Magic Jack... *** PRODUCT just because of your service!


MJ sent me updates that made my phone go crazy. I have windows 7.

I unintalled the program. I reinstalled the program. I right clicked the desktop shortcut to ''restore previous versions". I then went to the tab that said locate the target file.

Up came all the Magic Jack files.

I highlighted the file with the word loader in it and right-clicked it and deleted it. My phone runs perfectly, again.


I moved to another state. But I don,t Know how to change my email or address and phone number.

Thank You


If you are having a ligitimate problem with any item you purchase and cannot get satisfaction from the company you purchased it from, then simply contact the Better Business Bureau in that city. It's simple, they're helpful, and the company will usually then refund you immediately


My MJ quit letting me dial within my own area code after a month I could still receive local calls but not make them. After about 5 hours over a few different chat sessions, the problem was never addressed.

Please hold while I review your previous chat(s), and then proceed as if I didn't read or understand them at all.

I have now spent almost one hour over three attempts to get my account deactivated. I was okay with the bs when it worked, glad I found out though.


Sorry for mistyped in previous post, Im still not used to my touch screen keyboard.... I miss my Blackberry.


Geezus people, really? Nothing but a bunch of whiners and cry babies.

One thing Iv'e come to notice in 20 years Iv'e spent in the computer and retail electronics industry..... You get what you pay for. Don't buy a Prius and expect BMW results... Not that Prius isnt a great car, but it's jusy not a BMW and wont do the same thing. Also folks, computers arent a couple grand anymore. Someone with half a break can build a kick *** machine for a couple hundred bucks. If you are going to invest in broadband services, lets have equipkent that can handle it.... And stop installing every pile of *** app amd resource hog PoGo game.

For $20 , magic jack is fine... Its the selective hearing disorder along with good old fashioned comsumer ignorance that plauges most products.

PS... If you have a family member serving overseas, dont bother, most countries have touble with reliable bandwidth. Also, sat coms alone will cause a half second delay due to distance. Most sats orbit at 30,000 mile altitudes.. even light takes a half a second to travel that far after passing thru ground based equipment.

Oh yeah... Use at least USB 2 for majicjack.


Majestic 12, You should hear yourself whining about the whiners. You talk like an arrogant know it all.

If it wasn't for the complaints people / consumers make then we'd all be getting ripped off without any knowledge of the scammers that exist.

You need to realize that there are good people out there that try to trust that people start up a business to be a necessity to people and not to scam them out of their hard working pay. Don't waste your time responding to this message because it will only prove that you are also a whiner.


please don't buy this device or you will be sorry it does not work trust me they will take your money and you will never see it back don't buy this *** its not worth it its a waste of money some one shall stop this people from being such scamers


I got the magic jack through the magic jack company under this stipulation on the infomercials...With Magic Jack you can make unlimited free calls within the USA and Canada. Magic Jack only costs $39.95 for the entire first year!

It drops to $19.95/year after that. But under the terms of service they limit you and make stipulations on your calling.... Here is the term from the magic Jack sight itself......6. Proper Use

You agree that you are responsible for your own communications and for any consequences that arise from them.

You agree that you will use the magicJack and/or magicJack Plus device and magicJack APP in compliance with all applicable local, state, national, and international laws, rules and regulations. Among other things you will not agree to, and will not authorize or encourage any third party to: (a) prevent others from using their magicJack and/or magicJack Plus devices, and/or magicJack APP (b) use the magicJack and/or magicJack Plus device or magicJack APP for any fraudulent or inappropriate purpose, or (c) remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notices contained in or on the magicJack and/or magicJack Plus device and/or magicJack APP, including those of any of our business associates, from whom we may have licensed certain components used in the magicJack and/or magicJack Plus device and or magicJack APP. Violation of any of these obligations may result in immediate termination of this Agreement, and may subject you to state and federal penalties and other legal consequences. magicJack, LP and/or VocalTec reserves the right, but will have no obligation, to investigate your use of the magicJack and/or magicJack Plus device and/or magicJack APP in order (a) to determine whether a violation of the Agreement has occurred or (b) to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request.

magicJack, LP and/or magicJack VocalTec Ltd., and/or YMax Communications Corporation reserves the right to block calls to numbers that abuse its services such as, but not limited to, traffic stimulation numbers. If magicJack, LP and/or magicJack VocalTec Ltd., and/or YMax Communications Corporation sees excessive use, including but not limited to, a customer whose usage is twenty (20) times more than the average magicJack and/or magicJack Plus device or magicJack APP customer usage, or a customer who calls more than 50 different telephone numbers per day, or systematic or intentional misuse, it reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate your use of the magicJack and/or magicJack Plus device and/or Software and/or magicJack APP immediately, and you will not be entitled to get a refund of any licensing fee or any other fee you may have paid to us.

We reserve the right to reclaim any telephone number that does not make a call for a consecutive 90 days. In the event that we reclaim a phone number and your software license is still active, you may choose another phone number.


I would like to speak to a person. I need to ask questions and need help.

I purchased a magic jack for my son becuase the ad said you no longer need a computer which he does not have. When I received the unit it said I need a computer Please help.


I purchased magicjack, did not work bought 2nd one from wal mart still did not work. had one day each.

also had my original # disconnected before i bought magicjack. paid to have same # then later saw where they said cant have same # due to disconnect. five days after i no longer had magicjack they said i have my old number.

I have tried several times to get my money success. have lost 50.00.


I have to chime in too. I have had Magicjack for almost a year now, 8 months maybe.

ANyway, it works perfectly, sometimes there is a slight delay before getting a dial tone and infrequently I have to hang up and try a second time for a dial tone. THat's pretty much the only "problems" I have had with it. Other that that it's been fine. I can call anywhere in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico (if I wanted!) without having to worry about how long I talk or any additional charges.

Personally I turned off the Automatic renewal because I don't like anything being done when I am not aware, but that's me. I will renew when it gets close to the time to though.

I think many of the people with MJ problems really either have PC problems or network problems.


i was bill for unknown reason and was deducted from my account


I have had MJ for a few months now. It does drop a call every now and then, but I am not too sure whether it is my internet or the person's cell phone I am calling.

Most recent problem- a doozie. I opened up internet to find windows had installed a new service pack. MJ made me re-register before I could get back on line and MJ could not find my contact list with my regular number on it. It issued me a temporary number for 30 days.

Did it once before but came back to my number eventually. Anone else having this type problem?


My magicJack worked (poorly) for 2 years or so... this is my 2nd year of renewal.

During this time I had several problems. My contact list disappeared TWICE due to their software upgrades and their customer service/technical support is ran by a whole bunch of foreigners who can only say "unplug/restart/plug it back on". The latest is their *** new service Magictalk screen that will not go away and I cannot make/receive calls. There is no support for magicjack any longer, all magicjack websites take you to the magictalk web site.

This device is a joke, spend your money on something else.

Their way of marketing "MagicTalk" is ridiculous and only the crazies would sign up for it given all the bugs NEVER fixed on Magicjack. They've taken my renewal money and I feel bad for those who renewed it for over a year (they have 5-year packages).


You certainly have some agreeable opinions and views. Your blog provides a fresh look at the subject.


I have used Magic Jack for the past 3 years and have not had any issues. It stopped working once and they replaced it, I just had to send the old one back, but they paid the postage.

I got the 30 day free trial and they did not charge my card until after the 30 days. I used the chat, and had no issues. You ahve to use it on a newer computer with either Vista or Windows 7 to have it work real well, but I have not had a problem. No one knows the difference whe I talk to them.

As with any internet based service, make sure you have good phone handsets. The company was sold over a year ago, but i have not noticed much difference in service.


a live chat tech, we went back and forth for hours, with 0 resolve ............ try again for hours and they never resolve the issue.


:( I been having my magic jack for 3 years, I am having difficulty with the device since I bought it, either people on the other side don't hear me, or the calls are dropped.

I thought it was my internet carrier, had them come and check the problem, because the first couple of months worked fine, than I started having problems again even worse, I called customer service and only got a voice recorder saying to go to the website

the website does not even open up.......... :?, I want my money back is a scam

Hope wombody has an answer for all the trouble we are going thru.


My question is, do you have to have a phome line?


I am more than happy with our MJ. We have had it for almost a year, and only have issues when it comes to connection, which is always my internet carrier.

I love not having a phone bill and being able to shut my phone off with my computer when I go to bed!!! (cell phone in case of emergency) Customer service may be a lengthy wait but has always resolved any issues. I have only had to talk to them when I was trying to set up a friends MJ for her!!!

Overall, very satisfied!!! :)

@I'm happy with Magic Jack!!



MJ is Great.

saving me hundreds annually.


I have used MagicJack for several years and really no problems UNTIL NOW. I opened my pc and found that all my phone contacts were gone and a message that they had updated and SOME MagicJacks would not be able to restore their contacts.

I chatted with the Idiots for over an hour and got no resolution whatsoever except "script" talk. Why did they not contact the users to let us know to do something about the phone numbers, most of mine I won't be able to replace but that's ok with them so long as they get money!

I moved from TX to NV and can't even get the time zone correct within their system, everything comes in on Central time and now I'm in Pacific time. I'm really disappointed in the why they are handling this and so *** mad I could spit on them!javascript:ac_smilie(':(')


:? I have puchased this mj twice hopin the first was a malfunction. I was told I would get a local number since 8/2009.Mean while it drops call constantly.Ibought a router to help with interference (no help).I bought the replacement warranty(nogood) .I have gave this company more than i have recieved.They have lead me on .My family lives 2 blocks away and have to call long distance to talk.My kids go on the computer and my calls get dropped or interference from the games.I have had my family hang up when I call in to check on everyone.They can not hear me just the ring of the phone.Iwill not be happy til i get my money back .


:grin Does anyone know if Majik jak will work ok for a fax line?


Getting internet from a satellite dish is delayed for sure.

Using Cable or wifi is the only way to go for Magic Jack or Skype.


I've had MagicJack for almost 2 years and it has saved me over $1,000. A few issues in the beginning but it works flawlessly.

I run it on a thin client so it doesn't use more power than a night light or two. It runs all 5 phones in the house together perfectly. People that complain about MJ's service should go back to paying their phone company $500/year. For $20 what did you really expect.

Robert has a point, if you have any issues with your PC or Internet, MJ will suffer.

Too bad not many people realize how to check or correct for those issues. MJ is the best $20 I ever spent.


hola compre un magic jack y no me funciona el fax que podria hacer gracias


Im thinking of trying MJ, Ill be purchasing it at either radioshack or bet buy just in case it *** me off. If it works then great if it doesnt then Ill just use my cell phone as my home phone.


seems to me that the complainers don't know what they are doing is the problem... Magic Jack is a session protocol IP transmission device and any lags is the result of their PC's or their internet service - not magic jack. My advice, get educated otherwise don't mess with what u don't know...stick with ma bell there dumb fat and happy :grin




If you have anything less than cable broadband, or if you have ANY malware that your scans have missed, or if you or anyone on you network is're not gonna be talking on the phone.

Go ahead, chat with the barely-literate foreigners on tech chat. They will run you through the same useless routines over and over.

Then they will "upgrade" you to their "Top 10% tech support personnel." These are the people who are allowed to bail out of chat if their prefab routines can't fix you. Worst thing is, they are about 6000 miles away (Philippines), so you can't even go over there and wring their neck for being rude and useless.


haha magicjack ***


it worked great on one pc but putting it on another pc not so great wish i would have never heard of the damm thing :( :(


:( Can't get my area code that is Kansas City, KS I need a 913 area codeand they do not offer it. Only other KS area codeeeee 316 = Wichita or 785 TOpeka. KS is a bib state with 3 freaken area code including 913 which is what I need.


I have just purchased 2 magic jacks, 1 for my girlfriend and 1 for myself. We have used them now for the 3rd day trying conference and regular calls.

I have found the sound quality acceptable at its worst and great at its best.

So far I cannot complain about any issues other than using a telephone plugged into it is the best experience compared to using the pc microphone and speakers.

I am running a 2003 HP/Compaq with windows pro XP on comcast cable internet.

I like this product so far. And I will update any issues I find .


my mj just started to turn itself off after 1 or 2 calls-thats after people on the end said they could barely hear me. i even boughta new pc and same issue,got sent a replacement majicjack for 10.00 and then different problems -i cant make calls and there is no dial tone-im still dealing with mj support- they said try a different phone so i bought 2 phones and samje stuff- im up to 9 hours with tech support- mj was grest for 2 years or so then turned to junk


very unhappy takeing all my money in one lump. sure has soured me.


MagicJack doesn't work in Brooklyn, New York from 5pm to 8pm every day. When people call me, it tells "server is busy".

When I call, it has busy signal. I'm looking for other service.


We have been using Magic Jack for a couple of years now, and our experience with it is great! I would recommend it to anyone!


Dude, it's simple. It's a computer program.

If you have a slow computer and it usually takes a second for programs to start on your system it's your system's fault, not the program's. Simply put, stop looking at all those *** sites and getting your system lagged down with spyware.

$40 for the device and a year of service? That's a great deal no matter where you go.




This month's Consumer Reports has a write-up on Magic Jack. It is recommended.

I figure it's just a matter of user error here. Maybe your PC's are insufficient.

Consumer Reports isn't going to say all good things about a product that is ***. 8)


Use Skype.... screw magicjack.


Does not work all the time in some area codes. I did all the instructions as posted on their PCworld site.

I guess it doesn't work well on Mac OSX 10.6 snow leopard.

Gizmoproject is better. :?


It is pure ***,customer service,joke joke.Iwas taken in, there will be no renewal. There is no fix to this thing.I have spent more time with whoever they call live agents,always trying something new to fix without and sucess.




that's because you are using a PC ... get a Mac


I was going to buy one but I have read enough now to reverse that decision. "Frank Reality" has a great point, if it worked so well the telephone companies would be all over it. Do your homework before expecting a miracle for twenty dollars a year!


i get dropped calls. just started using this thing.

Had to do The Windows 7 update. My OS is Windows7 64 bit. Purchased my Magic Jack at a retail store. Plugged it in.

My PC did the rest, was assigned a Number. I did "NOT" give them any banking info, Credit Card, or anything like that. You need a newer PC with a good USB port. With two PC's and a wifi Xbox going at the same time.

No Problems with service? My guess is a lot of people are having problems with there routers firewall or the firewall on there PC's Since I built my PC and set up my network in my home I do have some geek experience. It has helped me somewhat. Most of the time it takes a couple days to work bugs out of a system.

Once all the issues are solved it seems like it will be a great deal. $20.00 a year for home phone is not bad.

I can deal with it so far. Don't feel ripped off yet?


Neil, If you are so happy with your Majic Jack, why would you be on a complaint site ? Why would you have searched complaints unless you perhaps are an employee ?


Thank you Neil, we are always happy when an employee speaks up and supports our company. I must however ask you return your two working units as these were never supposed to be released.

We don't wish to create an issue where everyone will want to get replacement product that works as advertised. :sigh


Why I am seeing all these complaints? People....

for 20$\year, this is all you get. Reset your expectations! Also, keep in mind that you need internet connection with decent speed. I own two and they both work fine.

I have given one to my dad overseas and it is a big relief for him since he can call me anytime without worrying about big phone bill. Long live magicjack.


Jingle Bells majic jack smells...

lost another calllll today.....

tried to complain, heard all the same...

and wasted my lunch hour...hey !

Internet crashed.......

my one good call dashed.........

oh what a big *** shoot.....

time to give...

"magic jack" the boot....

and go back to reallll life.

Thankyou, thankyou very much


Anyone think that this simply sounds way too good to be true ? If you are unsatisfied be sure to assign some blame to yourselves.

If this product really did what it said with reliability, the phone companies would be substancially more concerned and do something to compete with it. The fact is that this device depends on an internet connnection but more importantly a good connection with no computer glitches. Also with all the hacking going on how secure do you think this system is ? Especialy with the lack of support the product gets.

Probably have lurkers listening in on your private calls, right "Betty with the prostate problems", oh and yes I have your Credit card number from that last call to the shopping network.......... :zzz


I installed 45 magic jacks in my summer cottage on the bluff. All rooms have a phone, and computer(45 in all).

The magic jacks all operate exactly the same, the phones are always quite, never ring............ wait do you suppose they simply may not work like many others?

Oh fiddlesticks I guess I may have been taken by something too good to be true. Wait I have a smashing idea, I will use them as retirement bonuses for my employees, by that time maybe magic jack will get their excrement together.


JagicJack ... NO Customer Service not even to extend service.

If you have CS issue forget it YOU can ask for the lead superviser ..... But all they say is an eMail will be sent in the next few days .... the eMail never arrives ... call CS ...

they request you give more time ....

after 6 months plus several CS Chats .... I determined MJ fails to communicate ...


:( wtf i installed,registered and did everything. when i call my phone on a different number it goes straight to voicemail.

when i call other numbers nothing happens. i just got this thing


:x :x :x :x :x :x :x :( :( :( :( :( :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :upset :eek :eek :grin :) :roll :roll :eek :upset :sigh :p 8) ;) :zzz :zzz :zzz :upset :upset :upset :eek :eek :grin :grin :grin :grin :) :) :) :) :) :) :? :?

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I personally use Skype and love it. I used it a week ago to call Melbourne, Australia (clear as a bell) for a refund due to cc fraud (Magic Jack products were purchased with the same stolen card).

The company fixed the issue immediately (they didn't charge my account and then refund it like the ones in the U.S. have). I'm having trouble getting the charges refunded by Magic Jack.

So much for American owned and operated. Magic Jack needs to step up and do the right thing.


*** *** i never got it but new atrleast 6 people who tired all hated it all of those cant be wrong period tell ur company all u sweet talking commmenters they are as dumb as this service sounds =] ty come again


I have had a magic Jack for a year and recently got a second one. They have their quirks and service outages. I wouldn't recommend one for someone who is not at least a bit technically capable. If you want something that works WELL without bumps in the road, Magic Jack isn't for you. Calling customer service a joke is an understatement.

However for someone who is technically savvy enough to deal with playing around with things and is patient for technology, Magic Jack does have the potential to be a great value as long as the hardware and software on the company's side is working properly. I have experienced many shortcomings with it's functionality that are unresolvable until they magically fix themselves or the engineers fix it. But customer service is not to credit for any actual "fixes".

It is a great value if you can deal with it not being 100% all of the time. When it is all working well, it is AWESOME. If it worked perfectly all of the time, I would gladly pay more for it.

For anyone with reservations on shelling out the dough, they are now available at many local retailers such as Radio Shack and Best Buy, so you can return it within store policy rather than mail order or online and have to wait and never get a refund. But I do think that the high sales volume through the retailers has contributed to some bottlenecking of their servers because things worked more smoothly before they started selling them in stores. If they keep selling them, it would be logical that the service should improve due to increased profits, given time to catch up. You'd think. I'd be surprised if it doesn't get worse before it gets better. Or folds altogether.

As of 12-09 both of my lines are working perfectly after having NOT been working well for some time.

Mike in Albuquerque


I have had Magicjack over a year. It has worked great.

Support has been great. I am going to get another phone number so I will have 2.(Magic Jack).

I hope this service never goes away.


Love magicjack, beep on line by the way is call waiting (previous comment stated they heard beep), I have had excellent customer service and think it is way worth it considering the savings


Customer Service is a farce.....Can't speak to a human.....Difficult to resolve any problems.....Really not user friendly. Just plug in any telephone is not true...

Would not have gotten the service if I knew beforehand..... SUCKS....


hello lard butt


its so *** it has no refund :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


it dont work no rufund thats so stupd :( :( :( :(


:grin ;) 8) :p :sigh :zzz :upset :eek :roll :? :cry :( :x :x :x :( :( :cry :cry :?

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;) :grin 8) :p :) :grin :( :( :x :( :( :roll :roll :roll :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :grin :grin :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek


We've been using a magicjack for several months, it works fine. We would occasionally get a beeping sound on the line, but other that that, no problems. Like all tech, it is not 100%, 100% of the time


I have 3 MAgic Jack and I had a small problem up dating it but that was it you just download the software at their site, customer care does suck but the thing is AMAZING i travel a lot and use it frequently and so does my family (that have the other 2) I have no complains...

I have spread the work to my friends and they all have bought their own.

I rate it 9 out of 10

What more do you want for 40 buck, if you do not like it go back to using calling cards! Or paying expensive hotel rates.


i have had it for 3 months. it keeos on making funny noises and ***. it *** me off a *** waste of 40.00 at radioshack.


My bank account was charged $66.85 before I even received the Magic Jack. .

. what happened to the 30-day free trial?

Sending it back even if it will work. :(


it must be a piece of *** with all the complaints


It worked miracle for me and my family, I live in the US and they are living in Brazil, I bought two magic jacks, one for me and one for them, we can talk as much as we want with no international charging. it is amazing!


*** people what alse do you want for 20 bucks a year


:cry :grin :upset :p


magic jack sucks ***.they dont like people of colors


purchase it at walmart Etc. saved shipping & receipt for easy return i haven't tried it yet... but no refund,NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!


You people suck, can’t shut your mouth up while I’m making money hear, don’t you see I don’t even have 1-800 number, so people can call and complain, just go buy couple of magic jack and tell your friend to buy couple just do it and don’t talk.


No problems using it at home. My office computer is old and slow -- it has more problems with the magic jack, but it works most of the time.

It sure is a lot better than paying hundreds of dollars per year for long distance! Taking it on trips is great - just plug into any computer and make calls.

No need to pay high hotel rates or pay back your hosts. All in all, a 9 out of 10 for the product.


Boo Hoo, you bunch of cry babies. You wanted everything for nothing.

It doesn't do what I was unwilling to pay for, and it's not perfect. Boo Hoo

Partly it's your slow *** internet connection you bunch of babies and dummies.


I agree with annoyed, they took money! That company needs to be sued.

Also, Magic Jack should stop having there customer reps on this website typing good things about this product. I have heard several of my neighbors say that it sucks, you could get AT&T digital phone for the same cost as Magic Jack!


Not only here but used it South America to call the USA, works great. I love it so much that I signed up for 5 years.


I have been using the Magic Jack and it works just as advertised. I call relatives living in Canada and don't need to worry about how long I talk.

Wonderful product ! I also use Roadrunner internet.


I have been using the Magic Jack and it works just as advertised. I call relatives living in Canada and don't need to worry about how long I talk.

Wonderful product ! I also use Roadrunner internet.


Does anyone know if keeping the computer on sleep uses a lot of electricity? I want to get a magic jack to use as a business line and don't want to lose calls; so I will keep the computer running 24-7.



i have been used more than 1 year work perfect

also you camplaining obout 20 dolars year shame on you


Wow, you are all *** WHo cares if the product did what it was supposed to? That isn't the point.

They still screwed Lividx5 out of $50.

Returned the product, and they charged the bank account. Did you stop reading after the first paragraph?


Is magic jack perfect? No.

But I have found it very good. Occasionally I have to unplug it from the USB and then plug it back in. Occasionally, the voice quality is not so good. Occasionally I don't hear who I called or they don't hear me.

BUT overall I rate it an 8 out of 10.

Better than AT&T Cell service at 1/100 the price! I use mine with RoadRunner Internet.


BILL FREDRICKS IS A GYPSIE SCAMMER WHO GOES FROM STATe TO STATE SCAMMING PEOPLE WATCH OUT FOR HIM. He,s been in the south latley, claims to know horses and raise illegal wild cats.


I need a magic jack


I have had Magic Jack for well over 1yr, my sister has it, my friends and other family member have it. What I have found is if your internet provider is inferior, slow etc, you will have complications.

I have Brighthouse Network and a older computer XP. I did upgrade my phone to a Dect 6.0 a GE phone and this Magic Jack is remarkable, I can't stop telling everyone about how wonderful it is. It is my primary phone. It's the greatest, not a scam at all.

I have had a few times when I needed assistance and got it without problems.

Now I see major retailers carrying it so how could it be a scam, as yourself that. LOVE THE MAJIC JACK


I have had magic jack for a year and have had no problems. It was recommended by a friend who has had it two years.

With a headset, a couple of times I could hear the person that I was calling but they couldn't hear me.I just called them back and it worked fine. It works much better than Verizon cell service and the signal is clear,in fact I use it when home because people hear me better than on a cell phone. Don't know why people are putting it down; for the price it can't be beat. They have chat service for customer issues and I have used that with good success.

For the price I don't see how they could afford to have 24/7 phone support.If you are a techno phobe and can't utilize chat services and require phone support than you probably should not buy it; if you want to save alot of money I think you will be happy with the service. By the way, I do have fast cable internet service.


I am working with the government and we are using they call VOIP and I think this is the same idea with the Magic Jack. We are utilizing the VOIP in remote areas with satellite internet and of course if your internet buffers then the VOIP does the same.

So far, the complaint I read, they were crying babies, and I read more positive results than the negative. My advice to those people has negative feedback, please check your internet service, maybe your internet service is the culprit.

Remember, the internet should be high-speed for better receptions and downloading. If you are not satisfied, ask for your refund and if they will not fulfill to refund your money, please make complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


Hi. Most of you may no me from my carear as a bseketball playa.

I have over 80 magic jacks running, plugged into hubs that are plugged into hubs so I can conference call other people that were diagnosed with aids as a publicity stunt.

keep it real.


Magic Jack or Magic Junk (same difference)


I own the company Magicjack


I was going to order one of these until I read MJ Scam. Thanks for your inputs folks.

A very good friend has gone ooma and after an initial $250 for a modem and $50 to port his current phone number he will never have another phone bill. The service is excellent!



Have not been happy at all with this. When it works, it's great, but I have to unplug it & reinstall each time I would like it to work. We purchased this two weeks ago so we'd have an "emergency" line for when our cell phones' reception wasn't great.

We even made a dedicated desktop PC w/direct ethernet (not wireless) and it wouldn't work. Again, WHEN it works, quality is decent half the time. But, it's reliability so far has been less than 5%. We bought it at radio shack and can not comment yet on the return process. I was never able to get contact with a live person for support, but I did follow all of the technical guidelines in the tech support area (I am pretty computer savvy, so those w/the super snitty remarks can keep those to themselves), including modifying my PC for background apps vs. others, and still, nothing. Sounds like a true hit or miss product.



I have had my Magic Jack for a couple of years, never had any issues, nice clear calling and recieving of calls, I even had my PC crash and I got a replacement PC, I got a hold of customer support and they guided my through the process with accessing my registry and getting my magic jack to work with my current PC, I would recommend it highly, besides can't beat the fact that you have no phone bill. remember get to the customer support they will do everything to make sure it works.


I absolutely LOVE my MJ, I was skeptical at first...but it's awesome. & all you cheap *** complaining about how it doesnt work, it drops calls, blah blah blah, your paying less then 30 a year for phone service...if u want perfect service no dropped calls, pay 60 a month for a phone


I have had mj for approx 7mos and maybe half that time had *** calls. The most recent being that my firewall configurations were out of whack and had to be reconfigured.

I had to have Mcafee (antivirus people) help me with this difficult process. I do believe in the RAM issue with this device. I currently have 512 ram and will install so that I have a 1g ram. Hopefully that will help with some of the issues I ve read about.

Fortunately, I am a stay at home mom, but if I was working this would really be a hassle. I had to spend an hour with Mcafee, using their wonderful chat tech help desk, to get this thing working. I want to say that because I had a breach in my security (I think I opened a trojan)which Mcafee took care of. I am not 100percent that's when problems began.

But my brain was fried and I don't know if that was the real issue. I was hoping to save money for our family, but this was very time consuming and most working adults don't have the time or energy to dedicate to this device when it goes awry. Although it is only 20usd a year, that is the reason i keep this device.

If it doesn't work, I might go back to Vonage, I didn't have problems with them for the 2yrs I had them. They also have phone assistance in the USA.


I cannot believe the crying about how bad magic jack works. One guy wants to run a business using M-J.

Thats unbelievable. Others want every call to go through without a hitch. Others complain about dropping calls. What do they expect for under $30.00 which is what I paid for mine and it works great.

If they are having problems, maybe they should check their outdated computer equipment.

How often do they call customer service when the internet screws up. Stop whining and quit talking bad about a product thats costs about as much as two cheap pizzas.


I am using MJ for more than 2 years and it works great for me. I even sent 1 to my parents in India thru We talk hours together with no problems and I feel I am not far away from my parents.


Our magicjack works perfectly. I make many business calls and personal calls with a high success rate. I bought a second magicjack for my daughter to take to Korea while she's teaching there. She calls us without charge for half-hour-long chats and it sounds as if she's next door.

For those having trouble, realize that the device is one link in a chain. If you have slow internet or an old computer, your problem may be there and not the jack.

Based on our experience, I would recommend the magicjack.


I've had magicjack for the last 3 years and no problems... The only time all the problems came in was when I was away on a business trip and my 9 year old downloaded something with a virus which caused hard disk issues and hence calls were getting dropped.

I even took it on a business trip to India for 6 months and it was flawless with even low bandwidth network connections.

The customer service was very helpful and polite (online chat).All the people who've had issues please check their computers for malware etc. I have 3 jacks now and each renewed for the next 5 years.


Thanks for your input. I was looking at getting Magic Jack.

Did you all know that Magic Jack has a great rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)receiving the special acknowledgement as a "Better Business Bureau Accredited Business Member"? I have worked with the BBB and they are great for helping resolve issues. Also, even if they don't resovle the problem, if they get enough complaints, they will yank their special status. Right now they have a grade of A.

It would really help others avoid the product if their grade was "F". Most people check withthe BBB.

Let them know your problems, they'll help, and they have their address and phone number. Thanks again for the input.


MJ does not work. I have dropped calls constantly. Each time I need to make a call, I found out that I had to start the MJ again and again.

When I called tech support. They had me tried this and that and they too seemed very inexperience.

It has been an extremely frustrated experiences for me the past months.

Don't recommend MJ to any one, especially those who intend to use it for business.


Get your money back at

problem solved


where do u return the magic jack bk 2 did not come with a return bk 2 sender . any one where 2 send it .dose not work :(


I work from home and make hundreds of calls a week. I have had magicjack for 2 years believe it or not.

When I first got it it was great then had some problems, this past 2 weeks has been awful dropped calls, no connects, breaking up, having to restart the device after almost every call. I never know if it is going to work ot not. I can not afford to do business from home with such *** service. I am about to lose my job.

I need a customer services phone number and can not find one.

I am about to sue the pants off of them. Can anyone come up with a phone number where I can actually talk with someone.


Neanderthal, I don't play cards or watch movies on my computer .I check my mail, bank etc and thats about it . I have a little one so I don't have time to sit on the computer all day .

Yes I know how VOIP works ... why should I have to have a dedicated computer just for MJ? that's ridicilous ! I check my mail, bank etc and thats about it .

So you tell me why I would get calls from an IP address on my computer all hours of the day and night .

MJ could never figure it out ! half the time my MJ would read Broken storage :(


I got it too thinking how great it would be and it wasn't ... it was more of a hassle than anything else.

Plus they didn't have a local area code for where I lived so if someone in the same town wanted to call me on it, it was a long distance call for them. Instead I was getting calls from friends on my cell phone and my bill went up so it didn't make sense to keep it .. it was to save money not run up another bill.

I bet I would have been charged for another full year but my bank card snapped in half so my bank shut that card # off ! so they do NOT have access to my card #!!!


not sure why your all having so much problems. it could be possible you know little or nothing about voice over ip.

1: if you are fortunate to have a good spare computer around. dedicate it soley for MJ. quit your card playing or streaming movies on it.

2: a good computer is one with lots of memory. not HD space but physical memory. even a computer with low memory not running MJ you're proned to have your HD fail before it's life expectacy from working it's butt off. this is something the computer manufacturers fail to tell you. they scimp on memory if you don't ask for it.

all in all it works great if you know just a fraction of how the parts work.


:( :( :( @#$%$# @#$%! doesn't refund your money.

Pieces of @#$% need to go to jail for robbing the American consumers. Magic Jack sucks big hairy donkey @#$%@, don't buy into their scam they will @#$% you in the %$#.


I am cancelling my account. It worked ok on my internet for awhile but then when I place a call no sounds can be heard at all. I spent hours with the same situation as everyone else. The techs are incompetent and when I logged back in to get more support and the second tech was even more incompetent that the first one. She had me doing the same thing and when I advised I already performed these actions she said do it again.

This is a piece of %^%&%. Dont use it. They kept telling me to install the update.

Worthless... dont get it


I ordered "my" MajicJack back in March. I never got it despite "talking" to someone in the chat room.

I seriously thought that I was the only having this problem with Majic Jack, but it seems like they are spreading their lack of customer service around and not just giving it to me. Good luck to anyone who orders this product.

To those who are happy with Majic Jack, I am happy for you. I wish I were in you shoes and did not just give away $40.


We have had the Magic Jack for almost three months and the first month (trial period) it worked great. Now when we make or recieve calls they are all broken up.

We have been to the online chat help for four days in a row. They have us do numerous things and have us upgrade and it doesnt work. They had us download programs and uninstall and reinstall programs. When it fails for the first tech we get transfered to a higher up tech and after they read the previous chat, they have us redo everything.

Obviously this thing is not working and they will not give us a replacement as much as we ask for one.

We filed with the BBB and hope to get something like a refund or replacement but dont see it happening. Now I am disappointed that I recommended this thing to friends and relatives, hopefully they dont get one.


I hate Majicjak! Here is my story.

I saw the commercial, and said to myself, this would be really goodfor my home based business.

I went online and ordered 2 on 2 seperate orders. About a week later, I recved 1 MJ. I went online (since they have no telephone customer service, should have been my first clue). I explanied that I only recieved one.

The rep said that the other order was cancelled (couldn't tell me why), and said they wouls ship me another to replace it. I said cool, and went on. The next day, there were 2 authorizations in my checking account $39.95 & $46.98 (since I used my debit card). That was ok, they were just making sure there were funds available to cover the charge after the 30 days.

Then a week later I got another authorization for $93.80. I went back online, and asked what this auth was for I was told I ordered 4 MJs! I then recieved an addition 3 in the mail! I printed RMAs for each package I recieved and sent them all back USPS with delivery confirmation.

The package was recieved 3 days later according to USPS. Needless to say myt checking account was charged for all 4 of these items. I contacted the BBB, and my bank. I have an e-mail for someone there that I'm willing to share!

It took him a while to get on board with giving me my money back until he go the letter from the BBB His name is Peter Russo his e-mail is:

his fax number is 561-586-2328.

I did have a phone number but it's to some customer service in India somwhere! I hope thins info helps those who are having issues.


I don't understand why some people are complaining and they have not even tried it for them self!


all i can say is ive been using magic jack for over 3 months now i live in asia and i talk to my friends in the US almost every hour and no problem at all its a well recommended product i love it .. you guys saying theres a delay?

*** nhaa no delay at all .. i even put my ordinary cordless phone on it and it works like a regular phone that has caller ID and all that features for just 19$ a year i love my MJ if you dont like it?

well tough luck for you guys!! mine works clear and fine



Yup..the infomercial is on right now..I decided to check out comments/problems before I bought. Good thing I did as it looks like it might take some time to perfect this, though it's a great idea!

LIke when AOL first got started, it will take a few years, maybe I'll get one then. Right now I get an hour free long distance on my home/land line every month from my cell phone company plan already, and hardly use that amount. I just wanted to tell AT&T to go stuff it, with their $10/month caller ID charge, plus other charges..I wonder if I can just keep my DSL only?

In a few years all cell phones will be unlimited time DSL and/or cableing will be the way to go..

Thanks for the article.


:? :?

:? :? :? :?

:? :? :? :?


I went online to see about getting the MJ. I went through their ordering on line and then when I got to the page just before you say yes. Which I DID NOT.

I was charged $169. I never OKed them to charge me. My bank said, I have to wait till the charge comes through. It's in my outstanding charges.

I wish I would have read reports first.

They are an amazing company. They still from people.


I just filed a compliant with the BBB. This is the info on the company incasse anyone needs it. The BBB has rated this company an F!!! (I'm not surprise!)

Magic Jack LP

Address: PO Box 6846

West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Primary Phone: (561) 594-2140

Primary Contact: Peter Russo,CEO

Company ID: 92003333

Business Start Date: 4/13/2007

BBB Created Record on: 8/21/2007


I received the product unfortunately I Was unable to use it because of my home alarm system. I sent the product back and made sure the post office gave me a confirmation.

That was back in April, here it is almost August and I still can't get my refund, I keep getting the run around. I hate that there is no number to call, you have to chat with *** that have no clue what they are doing and they keep transfering me to other agents who also have no clue what they are doing! Its so frustrating!!!

I WISH I HAD NEVER ORDERED MAGICJACK!! I am going to contact the BBB!


Here I was trying to get hubbie to say yes to this product. You changed my mind. It may work great but this girl will NOT take that chance


:( It does not work, I returned it and they sent it back to me refused. So now it is costing me extra postage just to get the thing back to them.

I am sending it with a tracking number and my credit card company will reverse it. Jerks!


:( :( :(

Wow, I haven't even got mine yet and the company is commenting fraud!

They say your credit card is not charged for the 30 day "FREE" trial. I got charged, not put on "HOLD" $50 before it was even shipped out!

Its going right back before I even use it.


The magic jack works great!! I have understand some of you might have experienced some problems, but think fo the thousands of people that are completely satisfied with the MJ (my family, friends, and co-workers included).

The only problem I had with the MJ is when I tried installing one for my mom. She has a very slow internet connection so she experienced delays, dropped calls, etc.

PS - I use to have the V-phone from vonage. Now, that thing is ***, it doesn't work with wireless connections! Needless to say the MJ does.

I hope people seeing this comment make the choice to purchase the MJ, it really is a revolutionary product.


After three months, I got my money back for the jacks AND for the so-called 'free' service! It took a call from my credit union telling their bank that we were going to deny the charges and suddenly the money was refunded, including the shipping!

My advice? IMMEDIATELY RETURN THE JUNK WITH A USPS DELIVERY CONFIRMATION (costs about $1.50, I think), THEN CALL YOUR BANK OR CREDIT UNION! This prevents any more charges and gets some 'authority' behind you instantly. Because magicjack does not use email for contact, you really don't have alot of 'proof' for the bank BUT just print out a few pages of "magicjack scam" from google and let others online complaints work for you.

And believe me, there are PLENTY ... in less than 4 seconds, I got 49,900 hits!

Good luck ~ and beware of those dang infomercials! I sure as heck won't be ordering ANYTHING unless it's on QVC or HSN, at least they have been around long enough for all of us to trust them!


:sigh They tell you this product works with DSL, this may be true, but what they don't tell you is: you still need to keep your phone line for your DSL to work, now you are paying two phone bills. BUYER BEWARE for there are alot of complaints on the web, just google magic jack complaints, i am sure you will think twice about buying this product. most complaints are that they promise "free for 30 days" and they charge you as soon as you order and they dont return your money.


So glad I googled for complaints on this... Almost signed up for it since it would save us atleast $600 a year in phone fees. *sigh*


Sorry that happened to you, thank you for the warning.

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Magicjack Free Trial

MagicJack = TragicJack

Yeah, I fell for this piece of *** too. I should have known what was to come from a company who has no phone number or physical address. If you want to return one of these pieces of said ***, go to their site and click on the Return box icon. Type in the info, but NOT your credit card number, and then why you're returning it and press Submit. The page will come up with a printable Return Information page with their PO box (STILL no physical address, but now I understand why not). I suggest getting insurance, certified and/or delivery conformation before returning it. Also call your credit card company and tell them not to honor any billing from these *** If it's been over a month since you bought it, see if your credit card company would be interested in taking back the charge and deny these idiots the funds. Citing fraud should help you along with that.
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*** *** ***, problems problems problems....

What was the issue you HAD with it? Probably relates to either a dino computer, poor internet connection, or their really poor customer support.

Their actual service/device seems to work well for me.... but then again I am a PC Tech and understand the requirements for it to work.


i call witha preblem they never answer



This thing sucks! Very choppy calls all the time!

And the customer service SUCKS!

No address, no phone number...

I want my money back... and I want the number transferred~!


This is my follow up I made a few weeks ago well it turns out MagicJack didnt give me back my money but my credit card did. they never released the hold.

They advertise they even reimburse you for returning the product. Another false statement.

Took me over 15 days to get my money back Good Riddance MagicJack. I'd also recommend you send back the product Certified/Delivery Confirmation and keep that RMA number in a safe place if case you ever have to dispute with your CC.

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Magicjack Phone Service

MagicJack is a scam!

This company is a scam. There is no way to contact a real person or return their terrible product. How can the primary networks possibly endorse the scam artist.I'll be placing a complaint with the FCC immediately. They've continue to ask for additional credit card information. You have no way of verifying the legitimacy of anything they claim on their website of the of the things they send in their emails. Don't fall for this scam. You'll likely regret it. Most of my calls are broken up and friends an family complain about the quality of the calls with them.
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amazing to hear all the complaints! My magic jack works fine and has performed flawlessly. maybe you all need to get a real internet service to attach the magic jack to and quit your bellyaching!!


Daniela Taylor - Meg & Phil, Mom Suarez shared the link to your pics! Absolutely bueutifal.

You should feel blessed. You have a bueutifal family.

Love all the pics. Can't choose one over the other!


customer service sucks. All comunication from keyboard, will not give out a phone number or an address.You can't evev talk to someone you can't understand.If it isn't, it should be considered a public utility. The magic jack dosn't work properly, some time cuts in and out,can't hear[ volume so low]

Save your money don't get ripped off. And remember tell a friend.

If you want to get a magic jack and you have a problem plan on typeing notes back and forth for hours because the fault is in your computer or router or your settings and after everything checks out on your end they will check their equipment.

If you want total frustration buy a magic jack.


If some thing sounds to good to be true then it is not true.Looks to me like all you suckers *** hook line and sinker.You should have learned that by the time you became an adult that there is no such thing as a free lunc.







I really believe now it's a scam. When I bought magicjack one year ago, I paid for the five years of service.

After one year, my service stopped and said it is expired and I can't find anyone to correct this. It ripped me off!!


Just sent this to this Dan CEO i learned about here.

Hi Dan,as I thought Abraham fixed this so I would not get charged the $30 port release fee to Net Talk ,it is now a problem !

Karen last night told me you lied to me and that there is no way to avoid getting charged this $30 ! Net Talk got rejected because of a wrong PID or PIN number .I talked to Jillian yesterday afternoon and she said my PIN is OYHTT .When I tried to log on last night it would not use my current password xxxxxxx and would use xxxxx , all Jillian did was change my password. I have to port request set up again with Net Talk with user ( password (xxxxxx) and PIN (xxxx) . Now I'm worried after getting a e-mail from you guys wanting me to give my contact info and credit card ,that I will get charged the $30 !

You promised me this would not happen and I have all conversations saved ! Can you fix this or do I take legal action ? You guys know I've had nothing but problems since day one ,had one of your techs dare me to try to contact the owner or manager and now get lied to !

All I want to do is get the *** away from Magic Jack ! Thanks,William Griffin

#450625 is the CEO. He promised to clean up customer service by 3/1/12 but hasn't. Just had a $1K laptop ruined by their techs, who know nothing, lie constantly, and tied me up for 9.5 hours fixing nothing.

Email this person with your complaints. He is saying he is going to go from last to first, but has done nothing.

The product is junk, the service is worse than horrible, and I, too have been the victim of rip offs by their billing department as recently as today.


My MJ came, no paid invoice(I had paid by credit card)no paperwork at all. They said I cold return it in 30 days if not satisfied,WHERE WOULD I SEND IT.

Just spent 85 minutes, shuffled from one person to another, just trying to find out if they had a FAX number.

Never did get the number. Time to complain FCC, BBB, Consumer Complaints Office.



insane customer support - I have a new MJ+ that is 3 months old. Stopped working and they have tried to fix it for 3 hours on their chat. Offered to sell me a new one to fix the problem 5 times and wanted my credit card numbers again.

Total waste of money and time with this product. Save your money and time - buy something different


will be canceling my service when it is time to renew. they charged me 90.00 dollars for something i didnt want nor ask for.

on my debit card.

and now haveing to figt to get my money back. talk about scammed :(




I've had MJ for 5 yrs & use it alot. Yes a high speed internet connection is needed to talk & use your computer at the same time.

One or the other! Should help with the phone call breaking up. My MJ blue light went out on one of the MJ & they sent me another one. No problem.

Yes totally agree customer service is horrible as there is NONE.

Their site does explain most of the problems but it takes a lot of time to figure it out. BUT well worth it in the $$$$ we are saving from our phone company!


I was sent a magic Jack I didn't order. Where do I send it.


i want to use MJ for a fax, but it shuts off by itself when my computer is in sleep mode. Can this be corrected? If not it is pretty useless.


I've had an MJ for 2.5 yrs & recently added an MJ+. Cannot say anything but good about this company & service.

I've read many complaints on sites, and almost everything folks get upset about is clearly explained on their site.

Seems like a lot of people need to learn to READ before complaining... better yet, before buying!



I went to the online chat and told the agent i pay for a magic jack win it 1 come it came with free 1years but i pay for 5 years in 30 day i was boot off magic jack agent told me i need too pay for 5 years i told the agent thay can kiss my *** i send my money on fishing :(


If you have a Radio Shack in your area, contact them for "Real Live People" help.


i have been using magic jack for two years, in fact I have two magic jacks! everything was working well until one of my magic jack stops working.

I went to the online chat and told the agent( whoever it is) about my problem. I spent more than TWO HOURS chatting with them, my problem was not resolved. next day I went online again and went through all the same thing but again did not solve my problem.

if this is a good company, what kind of CUSTOMER SERVICE do you have???????? :roll :roll


I have had only excellent results, & I'm PICKY !

Even with my older computer it worked well. Since someone reads these posts I think those who are disaffected should be contacted & their problems resolved.


Despite what anyone might believe, magic jacks

can and in my case have broken, I have gotten entangled in cords, and the jacks have seen their last. Although I have used magic jack for

5 years, this is the first year I have broken 3.

I was mentally out of sorts dealing with illness

and deaths in my family.

I finally realized that with 4 jacks, same number, I should have 4 years of service credit. Magic jack tells me that's not the case; the free time is all concurrent and runs out in October. As far as I'm concerned, this is just plain wrong. I've been scammed.

:( :(


it works but the scam is you need a wifi, they say dont need computer but why would you have wifi in house if you dont have a computer, so you need computer internet for it to work, scam , funny a phone company with no phone number, scam scam


I have had the Majic Jack for two years now and the only problem that I have experienced is when I talk to my sister who lives in a very rural area, it sometime breaks up at her end and she cannot understand me.


magic jaci is great, i live in canada. it works great aside from having an old computer it stopped working, than i bought a new computer. and myu magic jack works great, i have saved a lot of money in long distance calls i have even talked them over the phone, a verry satisfied customer.


Their standalone is also a rip off to older users. Any credit on your old account is lost although the cost is the same for both fofr 5 years usage.

Im sending it back.

The old one worked fine and has 5 years credit left on it! They dont tell you about loosing your credit in the ads though!