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Magicjack in Boulder, Colorado - Poor Customer support

Customer agent doesn't know how to handle questions. Their answers are scripted and won't address the issue being asked. Very poor customer support and cut off the chat talk when you try to file a complaint. I asked where could I buy the phone equipment (handset) and they tell you that it is included in the magicjack device. They don't know what a magicjack device versus an actual phone set. I asked how much do I have to pay for a 5 year plan and they will tell you to go to the website and click the extend license. BUt the price in their website is higher that what they're telling me during the chat talk. Website is very poor
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i couldnt find that chat

I Hate Magic Jack . Im Not Inpress with the Service . God sometimes I wish we can just cancel it its not even worth it !!!

Its The worst Phone service Ever ,You Get what you pay for !!!!

can someone send me the Link

Email me at


I am "chatting" with a Magic Jack representative now. It is very frustrating and we are going in circles! I hope I get this problem resolved soon or this is going back.

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Magicjack in Kuwait, Al Kuwayt - MajicJack is bad

I have MJ and it is Ok for a low cost phone calling into the USA. Audio quality sucks. The big problem is if you use MJ at your work place (behind a strong router) people will hear you but you can not hear them. I have been in touch with MJ support (online chatteing support, they do not have a live person that you can call) for 2 months so far about this problem and they are useless. They only do trial and error sort of things. Now I paid for MJ and I am not able to use it and the support people are useless. Therefore MagicJack is ............. you continue the statement.
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I have read your many reviews on the magicjack and most were negative sounds like a rip off to me. my advice would be to buy it from radio shack or bestbuy at least if it does not work you can get your money back. good luck magicjackers the only one getting jacked is you


magic jack LP

PO Box 6846

west palm beach FL 33405

this is the return address of the magic address, for those peaple who has issues with this *** company, take some legal actions, this will not stop unless you do so, specially those with the "refund" problems, the company may promise refunds BUT with no exact date, it could be tomorrow, it could be a couple of months, it could be a couple of years, it could be a couple of decades or it could be a couple of "nevers" , the government should take legal actions too. This is already alarming, some may ignore this since they only pay 40 box or so, how about those who purchase more than that? I feel so sorry for them.


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Magicjack in Lethbridge, Alberta - I ordered magic jack through my credit card and subsequently charged, without receiving my order.

I did order magic jack through my credit card. I keep on following it up through their so called live chat and was told to wait. One month has passed and I was charged without receiving my product. I am pissed off. Does anybody can help me how to go about this? I want a refund but nobody ever in the magic jack site could help me. They seemed to avoid my questions since they tend to hang up when they feel they can not answer my queries. I think something must be done about this to avoid others to be victims of this so called "scam" whatsoever.
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I found this address, etc. elsewhere on this website, perhaps it will help. meanwhile .. call your credit card company and tell them what happen, they'll freeze the charge as a "dispute" until all is cleared up.

A piece of advice: get your money back/charge on your CC credited back to you, don't even buy this piece of trash ! You noticed everybody on here who is having trouble with it ? Mine died after 3 months, my neighbor's also. SEND SMOKE SIGNALS ! :)

Magic Jack LP

PO Box 6846

West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Phone: (561) 594-2140

Contact: Peter Russo - CFO


My my Eric..... Non native english speakers upset you?

Seemed pretty clear. Paid. No Product.

Wants Refund.... Even you should get that.


if you are chatting online with customer support i can imagine how frustrating it must be for THEM!!, u need a basic concept of english literacy and ability to construct coherent sentences. If you were typing to them the way you typed your complaint on this site no wonder nobody knows what the *** is going on.

If you dont have a disability then you need to be clearer with typing your issues. sorry

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Magicjack in Seattle, Washington - Magic jack beware

as far as im concerned stay away from this garbage, couldnt recieve calls no caller id.,tried it on two computers still wouldnt work they dont even have a phone number to contact them,that should tell u something i have sent it back now will wait to see if the money goes back on my credit card. and if it did work u have to leave computer on at all times for phone to work. if th money comes back i will post it on here but be very carefull cant say any more they want one hundred words
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I went to Magic Jack's website because of a commercial I saw on TV that advertised a 30 day free trial. I had to place the item in a shopping cart to get more information. I put in my debit card, but thought better of it. I deleted that and put in a credit card...
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Well Its December 2011 and they are still doing this.. I went to the website to check out the new Magic Jack. It was offered for $44 with a free year of service. I figured why not. I started the order process and got a webpage couldn't load error just after clicking the final accept.

Well I figured it was a sign I didn't need the *** thing I already have 3 cell phones in the house with unlimited.

A few days later I went to use my credit card to make a Christmas purchase and it was declined. I knew there was money on the card because I just paid the card off to use it to do my shopping, so I didn't have to carry cash. I called the credit card company and they told me there was 4 charges of $44 that were on hold on my credit card that is blocking the use of my card all from Magic Jack. The credit card company gave me the number to call Magic Jack to get it released.

I called Magic Jack and they told me there is no charges on my card and the bank was lying. They have no account number for me. So I called the Bank back and they told me they don't put charges on my card company's do. So I called Magic Jack back and got irate with them and they hung up on me 4 times and the hold time was 15 to 20 min.

Finally a guy didn't hang up on but still couldn't help me. He said there is no account or charges showing with my credit card so he couldn't help me. He said the money was stuck in never land and that it would drop and be credited to my bank after 12 business days.

Well that will fall on around Christmas. So I will have to tell my five kids that Santa will be coming late this year thanks to Magic Jack...

I also attempted to make a complaint but do to the fact the charge is in limbo the bank said no one is stealing from me so I can't do anything about it.

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This is a "Scam" it doesn't work and the tech support is no help! Tech Support actually encouraged me to return the product since they couldn't get the phone to work. They send you "no instructions, nor an invoice". You have to go online to...
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I love these people complaining and wanting their money back. They have a 30 day money back guarantee and they offered to take it back.

It's less then one months land line service for what ever you get out of it. How do you get static on a VOIP line unless you are on drugs>?

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Magicjack in Silver Spring, Maryland - It works just fine.

Your problem is likely the USB port on your computer. Chat is a phone call, without the noise. Check the PC Mag message board for a good list of magic jack issues. If you just change the USB port the problem should go away. If not then use another one. That is almost always the problem. This will give you an RMA # and directions to return your magic jack. if the link does not work, go to the FAQ's on the magic jack site. Chat is a phone call without the noise. This is the digital age.
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have one 2yrs old just got new one got rid of cox cable kept old number .cox just lost about 400 a year makes me happy


I have had my MagicJack since the begining of May and except for some intial echoing and some slight delay at times, it works pretty *** sweet.

Saving Huge Bucks!!


joboggi works for Magic jack.

and he's a sucker :zzz


My friend also have a bad experience with Bestbuy. Good thing I buy my stuff at newegg.


I also have Magic Jack and it works just fine though I don't use it that much as I also have Onesuite for international calls.


First of all, I am not in the habit of praising things that do not work.

Second, when I got the Magic jack, my first thought was to return it, because of the static on the line.

thirdly, while I had to deal with a digital call instead of a voice call they told me exactly what to do.

Fourthly. It worked

Fifthly, that was about six months ago, maybe more now.

My experience with digital devices is that they have a very long lifespan. I can only tell you that mine has lasted six months.

Frankly, since it was cheap, I was willing to work with them. It turned out, I did not have to work with them much. It was as simple as finding the right USB port on my computer.


don't be such a smart *** punk ! Do you think we are all *** out here with your snotty "expert" usb and "chat:" talk ???

If you've had magic jack for 2 months now, it will *** OUT anytime now ... my neibhbor's just *** out after the "magic" 2-3 months are over !


MagicJackworks great for me , i have had it 2 months today .


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Magicjack in Fallbrook, California - Magic Jack

The plug in Magic Jack product I received is a piece of trash.It never worked . When I plugged it in my computer the way their instructions said and I registered I tried to make any call there would be a delay of 15 - 30 seconds when any one spoke, or there would be only a garbled noise. This is not what I'm ticked off about. They make it imposable to return the *** thing! There is no phone number to contact for customer service and no address on their web page. *** it not all of us chat.
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Magicjack in Raleigh, North Carolina - Magic Jack is unreliable as a primary phone service

Magic Jack works sometimes and it doesn't work sometimes. It is more of a novelty or toy than a real phone like Bell South, Time Warner digital, Vonage, Vorizen, and the likes. It is one restart after another, Upgrade this, restart that. Unplug, replug, no answer, garbled, can't hear other end, can't get messages. Do not be tricked by their reviews. The service is cheap and you do get what you pay for; cheap, unreliable, undependable, nonfunctioning, poor, no reception, frustrating. This service is a pack of lies which will soon fade away. It doen't work when you need it. If there were an emergency or 911 instance, death would occur because while you're restarting, texting a rep in India, and upgrading, your house would burn down or you would bleed out. This thing really is a LEMON.
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With every new company there will be bumps in the road. This is a great invention that will save millions of dollars to those who are still over paying for local phone service that is provided by the same phone companies that have been robbing us for years.

Be patient folks. All of the bugs will be worked out and it will be the consumer who will be laughing all the way to the bank.


Here's the phone number for Magic Jack given by credit card company

561-594-2140. On this recording given Customer service Phone Number

p- 281-404-1551 for a live person.

I was given the order number since there wasn't an invoice included ith the magic jack and RMA number that states the representative put in a request the product is being returned. I was told to mail it back with certified mail to get a signature requested and once received would be refunded on the credit card account within 3-5 billing days. I never received a confirmation email b4 shipping out that they state when that is received with the order number the consumer has time to notify them before the product is shipped to cancel the order. Hope this helps. I too was unable to find a contact number till I was given it by the bank.

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Magicjack in North Adams, Michigan - International calls are a myth.No way to contact live person!

We have had magicJack since Dec. '07. A lot of problems! Until June '08 we were unable to make calls to Europe, to date calls to Holland ( country code 036) still do not go through! Local calls have very poor audio quality, are chopped up and almost impossible to understand. The promise of a live person to contact is a lie! You get switched from one page to another both without a possibility to actually contact a LIVE PERSON. Don't buy the cussed thing, it's not worth $ 5.-, let alone $ 50.- !!!!!!!!!!! Especially do not give up all other phone service because magicJack will not deliver!!!
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I never went through to Ukraine landline or cellphone however they deducted my minutes and charged me for it. However I was able to contact those numbers by my cell phone.

It is no way to contact them by e-mail, USPS mail, IM or telephone to take your money back or other questions.

In the US it works on and off. At the middle of conversation sound quality can change and get very strong static that make you unable to understand anything. Recall often does not help. You need to reboot a device and wait till you able to place a call for some time.

I received email after I bought an international credit that company sent me another MagicJack and not free.

I replied on email that I don’t need it however email returned back right the way notify me that they email address was changes. Returned email did not provide a new address. Now I stuck with two pieces of ***.

Such a dirty scam artists!!!

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