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I've had MJ for a few years and it met expectations such as they were for a cheap, unmanaged Internet based phone service. I understand how it works, and doesn't work, so that I have no issue with. My issue is the complete lack of accessible customer service. When service is required, it MUST be accessible within reason. I have an issue with local phone numbers that cannot be dialed from the phone. I waited three hours for a chat session,... Read more

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MJ has been giving me a run around for 10 days on a simple request to port my number to another carrier. Any suggestions?

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Below is a normal Live chat! There service is the cheapest, and the worst at best! But in the cheap category it is number one! My suggestion if you start to get poor service or are in the need for something to be fixed. Throw it all away and try again with a new E-mail, name, and cc number. Status: Disconnected Justine C: Hi, my name is Justine C. How may I help you? Me: HI, what is the diff between Magicapp standard and Prmium? Justine C:... Read more

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I hadn't heard from MagicJack in a while and didn't expect to. Then I head from friends who had called and left me messages, none of which were sent to email as they had in the past. I contacted customer service and spent an hour or more on the phone with two people, neither of whom appeared capable of comprehending plain English. The second finally said he had sent my problem to "Upper Management" and to check for emails from them. None... Read more

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I requested a refund from magicJack customer support because every single time that I was trying to call internationally even though the line wouldn't go through I was getting charged - fused to refund the money. This is the game they're playing, no matter what they will charge you and they will ask you to add more money to your account. The customer service will try to blame you for not knowing how to use the service and they will tell you that... Read more

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no customer service at all, hiding behind chat rooms with ridiculous answers. the first phone company that dont even use their own service , textin b.s solutions and wasting your time. i paid through 2020 and it already not working, no one to talk too for week by now. the monkey had enough connecting and booting the *** device, this ridiculous company must be stopped, i can't believe i actually paid in advance . never had to deal with so much... Read more

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I am SO sorry that the Magic Jack is not working for some customers. I felt compelled to write a positive review for the one company that has saved me a ton of money! I am in the 40-50 age range and sort of old school. I didn't want to give up my landline for safety reasons. I had a situation that scared me. My husband had a medical emergency and the cell phone was downstairs. If he had not had the landline upstairs , he would NOT be here! I... Read more

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It was August 06, 2015 and tried to use my MJ service and kept telling me "check the connections" I did and decide to call MJ customer service after many attempts to fix the problem. One person named Steve Jones, the "Technician" recommended to subscribed to a new promotion of 5 years membership and not to worry about the yearly payment renewal for the next 5 years. I did it and now I have been charged this year renewal of $37.00 and I... Read more

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Calls were free. Now its saying trial is over. Been using it for bout 4 years now and being charged? Crooks. Crooks I say. Free then you want to make us pay for it. Magicjack was cool. Sucks now!

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If this will help the undecided about Magicjack. I purchased the Magicjack to have as a back up in hurricane season. I tried calling my MagicJack line the other day only to find it does not ring or does the call go to voicemail. I called customer service and the woman told me to call back tomorrow because tech support is closed for the day. I went on line to find more information and connected to assistance with the MJ's tech chat room. I... Read more

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